Stockport by-election, 1925

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The Stockport by-election, 1925 was a by-election held for the British House of Commons constituency of Stockport in Cheshire on 17 September 1925. The by-election was won by the Labour Party candidate Arnold Townend.


The Conservative MP William Greenwood had died on 19 August 1925, aged 50. He had held the seat his election as a Coalition Conservative at a by-election in 1920.


The Liberal Party candidate was 55-year-old Henry Fildes, who had been also been elected at the 1920 by-election one of the constituency's two MPs, but lost his seat at the 1923 general election. He had not contested the 1924 general election.

The Labour Party candidate was 45-year-old Arnold Townend, who had been unsuccessful in Manchester Blackley at the 1918 and 1922 general elections.

The Conservative candidate was T. Eastham.


On a high turnout, the vote split three ways, and Townend won the seat for Labour only 36.5% of the votes. He was re-elected at the 1929 general election, but heavily defeated at the 1931 general election when Labour slit over Ramsay MacDonald's formation of a National Government.

Henry Fildes
Stockport by-election, 1925
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Arnold Townend 20,219 36.5
Conservative T. Eastham 17,892 32.3
Liberal Henry Fildes 17,296 31.2
Majority 2,327 4.2
Turnout 55,407 85.7 −0.2
Labour gain from Conservative Swing
General Election 1924: Stockport
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative William Greenwood 28,057 31.6
Conservative Samuel Hammersley 26,417 29.7
Labour Arnold Townend 21,986 24.8 +6.8
Liberal Charles Royle 12,386 13.9
Turnout 88,846 85.9 +4.2
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative gain from Liberal Swing

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