Stockton Unified School District

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Stockton Unified School District
701 N Madison St
Stockton, California 95202
United States
Established 1852
Superintendent Julie Penn (Interim)
Information (209) 933-7000

Stockton Unified School District,(also known as S.U.S.D) is a school district headquartered in Stockton, California.

Most of the city of Stockton is served by SUSD.


Grade reconfiguration[edit]

Stockton Unified School District began the process of converting elementary and middle schools to K-8 schools in fall 2006. As of the 2009-2010 school year, all high schools will start with Small Learning Communities (SLC). Smaller Learning Communities (or SLC’s as they are commonly known) with Career Pathways are part of the district's efforts to reform high schools and increase the engagement of all students by making academics more relevant and by injecting the real-life, career-related context into what students learn. In addition to the career pathways, SLC's reduce the size of the high school experience for kids, fostering deeper, longer-term relationships between students and teachers and preventing so many high school students from being lost.


Elementary Schools[edit]

High schools[edit]

Specialty Schools And Programs[edit]

  • Jane Frederick Continuation [1]
  • Merlo Institute [2]
  • School for Adults [3]
  • Walton Special Center [4]
  • Captain Charles M. Weber Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology (Weber Tech)[5]

Charter Schools[edit]

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