Stoke & Stafford (DAB Multiplex)

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Stoke & Stafford
Licensed area Staffordshire & Cheshire
Frequency 12D (229.072 MHz)
Air date 30 April 2004
Owner Wireless Group (70%)
Bauer Radio (30%)
Transmitters Alsagers Bank, Pye Green BT, Sutton Common, Tick Hill

Stoke & Stafford is a local commercial digital radio multiplex in the United Kingdom, which serves Staffordshire and Cheshire. Originally called UTV-Bauer Stoke-on-Trent, the multiplex changed its name in 2010.[1] It is jointly owned by Wireless Group (70%) and Bauer Radio (30%) The service launched on 30 April 2004. Stoke & Stafford is transmitted on frequency block 12D from the Alsagers Bank, Pye Green BT, Sutton Common and Tick Hill transmitters.

Transmitted stations[edit]

The following stations are transmitted on the Stoke & Stafford multiplex:

Service Service ID Bit rate Audio channels Description Analogue availability
BBC Radio Stoke CC33 128 kbit/s Joint stereo Local service from the BBC 94.6, 104.1 MHz
1503 kHz

Signal 1

C490 128 kbit/s Joint stereo Chart and contemporary hit music for 15- to 44-year-olds 96.4, 96.9, 102.6 MHz
Signal 2 C1CF 128 kbit/s Joint stereo Classic hits for the 35+ age group 1170 kHz


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