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Stoke Aldermoor and Pinley Fields by the River Sowe.
The Terrace used in Keeping up Appearances.

Stoke Aldermoor is a suburb in Coventry, West Midlands, England. An area of Stoke Aldermoor consisting of a small estate alongside the northeast of Pinley Fields is called Pinley. It is bordered by the river Sowe, and Coventry Canal.


During World War II, the Rootes No 1 Shadow Factory was located in Stoke Aldermoor. Four-wheel drive scout cars, tank engines, truck engines and aero engines were produced at the factory.[1] Rootes also maintained a training school in the area.[2] The factory was more recently used as the Peugeot UK head office until they relocated to new purpose-built premises a short distance away in Pinley in 2008.[citation needed]

Popular culture[edit]

Stoke Aldermoor is also known locally in Hollywood movie fame as the place where the famous Mini sewer chase was shot for the film The Italian Job, the Minis were lowered into the newly built sewers on the outskirts of Stoke Aldermoor and driven to the Finham Sewage Works.[citation needed]

In the television series Keeping Up Appearances, exterior shots around Daisy and Onslow's council house were filmed in Stoke Aldermoor.[citation needed]


Stoke Aldermoor sits in the city council ward of Lower Stoke and Labour were elected as its representatives in the May 2012 by-elections.


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Coordinates: 52°23′44″N 1°28′42″W / 52.395691°N 1.478195°W / 52.395691; -1.478195

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