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Stoke Potters
Stoke Potters
Club information
Track addressLoomer Road Stadium
Team managerAdam Isherwood
Team captainTom Perry
LeagueNational League
Club facts
ColoursRed and White
Track size312 metres (341 yd)
Track record time60.5s
Track record date8 August 2009, 26 September 2009
Track record holderTy Proctor, Steve Johnston
Current team
Rider CMA
England Tom Perry 8.50
England Joe Lawlor 7.91
England Connor Coles 7.43
England Luke Priest 5.21
England Shelby Rutherford 3.61
England Joe Alcock 4.36
England Kieran Douglas 2.00
Total 39.02
Major team honours
National League Div 3 Champions1949
Div 3 National Trophy Winners1949
Northern Cup1960
National League Fours Champions1990, 2019
National League Pairs Champions2011, 2015

The Stoke Potters were a British speedway team competing in the National League. The team raced at Loomer Road Stadium in Newcastle-under-Lyme.[2]


In the late 1940s, early 1950s and the early 1960s, the club was based in Sun Street in Hanley, and were originally known as the Hanley Potters who attracted crowds of over 12,000. But they became the Stoke Potters when the six towns of the county borough merged to become The City of Stoke-on-Trent.[dubious ] Hanley won the National League Division Three in 1949.[3]

The Sun Street track operated a few times before the war.

The Loomer Road track was home to Stoke from 1973; they were known for one season as Chesterton Potters. In 1996, it was home to the Cradley Heath team, displaced from their base at Dudley Wood Stadium, Cradley Heath.[3]

November 2010 saw a major decision taken by the club's promotion. The team were to withdraw from Premier League racing to drop a division and compete in the National League, speedway's third tier.[4] The club had been struggling financially for the last couple of seasons and the move was made in order to stabilise finances and hopefully get on a sure footing to make a return to the Premier League later.

2011 saw the club top the National League table by seven points.[5] Injuries struck key riders and this affected their final matches in which they were beaten in the play-off semi finals by the Mildenhall Fen Tigers who also beat them in the final of the National League Knockout Cup. Since the 2011 campaign the Potters have continued to race in the National League with little success and they ended 2015 season's National League table with only Kent Kings below them.[6] On 13 July 2019, Stoke won the National League Fours for the second time.[7]


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