Stokes (Martian crater)

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Planet Mars
Coordinates 55°54′N 188°48′W / 55.9°N 188.8°W / 55.9; -188.8Coordinates: 55°54′N 188°48′W / 55.9°N 188.8°W / 55.9; -188.8
Diameter 66.0
Eponym Sir George Stokes, 1st Baronet

Stokes is an impact crater on Mars. It is located on the Martian Northern plains. It is distinctive for its dark-toned sand dunes, which have been formed by the planet's strong winds.

It was named after George Gabriel Stokes.

Research released in July 2010 showed that is one of at least nine craters in the northern lowlands that contains hydrated minerals. They are clay minerals, also called phyllosilicates.[1]