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Location of the Municipality of Árborg
Location of the Municipality of Árborg
Stokkseyri is located in Iceland
Location in Iceland
Coordinates: 63°50′N 21°03′W / 63.833°N 21.050°W / 63.833; -21.050
Country Iceland
Constituency[1]South Constituency
Region[2]Southern Region
 • Total445
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT)
WebsiteOfficial website

Stokkseyri is a small town in Southern Iceland, with a population of around 445.


Founded around 900 AD by the settler Hásteinn Atlason, it was an important fishing and trading village in previous times, but has become more of a tourist destination.[3] The town is founded on the Great Þjórsá lava.

The local school is Barnaskólinn á Eyrarbakka og Stokkseyri.

The artistic experimental duo Jónsi & Alex wrote a song named after the town which appears on their album Riceboy Sleeps.

The Knarraros lighthouse, which is a unique blend of functionalism and art nouveau style, is located about 5 km (3.1 mi) away.

A famous inhabitant of Stokkseyri was Stokkseyrar-Dísa.

It is home to the football team UMF Stokkseyri.


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Coordinates: 63°50′08″N 21°03′02″W / 63.835522°N 21.050491°W / 63.835522; -21.050491