Stolen Transmission

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Stolen Transmission
Stolen Transmission logo.jpg
Founded 2005
Genre Alternative rock, Electronica, Indie
Country of origin United States
Official website

Stolen Transmission was an American independent record label founded in 2005 by Sarah Lewitinn and Rob Stevenson. They have released albums from well-known artists such as Innerpartysystem, Monty Are I, and Schoolyard Heroes.


The label started in 2005 by former Spin editor, Sarah Lewitinn, who quit the magazine to create the label, and Rob Stevenson, a music executive for Island Def Jam. It began as an imprint of Island Def Jam.

In late 2007, Stolen Transmission parted ways with Island Def Jam due to the reconstruction of it, and Stolen Transmission is currently running completely independent.[1]


Former Artists[edit]


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