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Coat of arms

The Stolin District is an administrative subdivision, a raion, in the southeast of the Brest Region, in Belarus. It was established on January 15, 1940 with its administrative center in the city of Stolin. The region has a population of 89,000 people, of which 26,300 people live in urban areas. The Stolin raion covers 3342 km2. and borders the country of Ukraine to its south.

Artist Helena Skirmunt was born in what is today the district.


At the time of the Belarus Census (2009), Stolin Raion had a population of 80,695. Of these, 97.3% were of Belarusian, 1.2% Russian and 0.9% Ukrainian ethnicity. 83.2% spoke Belarusian and 14.7% Russian as their native language.

Coordinates: 51°54′01″N 26°51′22″E / 51.90028°N 26.85611°E / 51.90028; 26.85611