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Stomoplo is located in Bulgaria
Location in Bulgaria
Location Bulgarian Black Sea Coast
Coordinates 42°16′48″N 27°45′12″E / 42.27997°N 27.753264°E / 42.27997; 27.753264Coordinates: 42°16′48″N 27°45′12″E / 42.27997°N 27.753264°E / 42.27997; 27.753264
Basin countries Bulgaria
Max. depth 22 metres (72 ft)
Settlements Primorsko

Stomoplo or Stamopolu, also known as "The Crocodile Island", is a bay on which the town of Primorsko is situated, on the southern coast of the Thracian Black Sea, in the Burgas Province of Bulgaria.[1]

It is a destination for divers and spearfishermen. The maximum depth is 22 metres (72 ft). The lagoon is rich in fish and has a varied flora and fauna.


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