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Stomp Entertainment is an Australian entertainment group and record house. On 13 August 2010 they were acquired by Surrealus Pty Ltd, but they continued to based out of Abbotsford, Victoria.[1]

EQ Recordings[edit]

EQ Recordings, also referred to as EQ / Stomp or just EQ, is the in-house record label of Stomp which was founded in 2001.[2] They specialize in progressive trance and other dance music. They have released singles from artists such as Sander Kleinenberg, but are probably most popular for their DJ mixes. They have two sublabels: EQ Recordings and EQ [Grey]. Their Balance series has featured DJs such as Phil K, James Holden, Anthony Pappa, Desyn Masiello and Joris Voorn.

EQ Balance series[3][4][edit]

Balance Presents series[edit]

  • Jozif
  • Guy J
  • Kölsch
  • Fur Coat


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