Stone Boy

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Stone Boy
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Adventure Comics #306 (March 1963)
Created by Edmond Hamilton
John Forte
In-story information
Alter ego Dag Wentim
Place of origin Zwen
Team affiliations Legion of Super-Heroes
Legion of Substitute Heroes
Abilities Ability to turn his body into stone
For other uses, see The Stone Boy.

Stone Boy is a fictional character, a superhero in the DC Universe.

Stone Boy was born Dag Wentim on the planet Zwen. All people on the planet Zwen can petrify their bodies. They developed this ability to put themselves into suspended animation for their planet's six-month-long nights. Dag's hair is not affected by the transformation. While Stone Boy is in his petrified form, he cannot move. Through practice and concentration Dag can turn just part of his body into stone, such as his fist. He tried out for the Legion of Super-Heroes, but was rejected when his power was deemed too static to accomplish anything positive. Along with several other failed applicants, he helped to form the Legion of Substitute Heroes.

In Adventure Comics #315, Stone Boy won membership in the Legion of Superheroes in a contest. He declined the membership because he did not want to abandon the Legion of Substitute Heroes.

Stone Boy appeared in the one-shot Legion of Substitute Heroes comic book, where he was portrayed in a more comical fashion. Stone Boy is stuck in the ground for most of this story after being dropped from a great height.

In the "Five Years Later" Legion continuity, Stone Boy is shown to have gained the ability to move while in stone form.

In the Action Comics storyline "Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes", Stone Boy and his fellow substitutes are sent to distract the renegade Justice League. Stone Boy is used as a projectile to damage the Justice League's base.

In other media[edit]

Stone Boy appears in two episodes of the Legion of Super Heroes animated series, "Lightning Storm" and "The Substitute". His character was voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.

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