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Stone Church Road, is a two-way Upper City (mountain) east-west arterial road in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It starts at Golf Links Road, just east of Meadowlands, and goes across the Escarpment and ends at Upper Mount Albion Road.

Note: This road continues East of Upper Mount Albion Road as Paramount Drive.


Stone Church Road, is named after the Barton Stone Church at the corner of Upper James Street (21 Stone Church Road West).[1]

In the early days of the last century the townships of Ancaster and Barton, (on the mountain), were selected by American settlers, who came, for the most part from the state of Pennsylvania. Among these were the Rymals. William Rymal was also one of the first four trustees of Barton Stone Church. The church was first under the jurisdiction of the American Presbyterian church, but this authority ceased to exist around 1838 and then was confined under the Canadian church authority, which was established in 1844.[2]


Note: Listing of Landmarks from West to East.

  • Gourley Park, (baseball field, 1-street North at Matthew Street)
  • Dr. William Connell Park (at West 5th Street)
  • Assyrian Church of the East
  • Barton Stone Church (which the street is named after)
  • Barton Church United Cemetery
  • Johnston Chrysler Dodge Jeep (dealership)
  • Dr. William Bethune Park (outdoor swimming pool)
  • Canadian Reformed Church
  • St. Jean de Brébeuf Secondary School, (2-streets South at Butler Drive, past Upper Wentworth)
  • Salvation Army (Mountain Citadel)
  • Stone Church Square (shopping), (at Upper Ottawa Street)
  • Barton Square (shopping), (at Upper Ottawa Street)
  • Simulated Fire Rescue Complex
  • St. Naum Macedonian Church
  • Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway exit ramp
  • Mount Albion Conservation Area
  • Splitsville Entertainment
  • Carmen's Banquet Centre
  • The Islamic Centre/ School of Hamilton

Note: Landmarks below are found on Paramount Drive


Note: Listing of neighbourhoods from West to East. [3]

Roads that are parallel with Stone Church Road[edit]

Lower City Roads:

Niagara Escarpment (Mountain) Roads:

Roads that cross Stone Church Road[edit]

Listing of streets from West to East.

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