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Fau Lau Stone Circle

Stone Circles can be found in Hong Kong, as the area is rich in Neolithic and Bronze Age artifacts.[1]

Lo Ah Tsai Stone Circle[edit]

Lo Ah Tsai Stone Circle was discovered in the northern part of Lamma Island by K M A Barnett, District Commissioner of the New Territories in 1956. Twenty eight large stones, lying buried in the earth on a slope 100 metres (330 ft) above sea level, form two overlapping stones circles.[2]

This stone circle was investigated by the Hong Kong University Archaeological Team in 1959, 1963 and 1982 respectively.[3]

Fan Lau Stone Circle (分流石圓環)[edit]

Another stone circle was discovered at Fan Lau, on Lantau Island in 1980. (22°11′50″N 113°50′50″E / 22.1973°N 113.8473°E / 22.1973; 113.8473) It lies 40 metres (130 ft) above sea level.[2] This stone circle is a Declared monument in Hong Kong. The use of the stone circle is unknown, it was possibly used for rituals, or possibly not. It is assumed that it is a megalithic structure created during the late Neolithic (i.e. New Stone Age) and early Bronze Age.[1]

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