Stone Hotel

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Stone Hotel: Poems From Prison by Raegan Butcher
Stone Hotel.jpg
Author Raegan Butcher
Series CrimethInc. Letters
Subject Incarceration
Genre poetry
Publisher CrimethInc.
Publication date
Pages 124
ISBN 0-9709101-2-6
OCLC 51844458
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Stone Hotel: Poems From Prison by Raegan Butcher is a collection of poetry by Raegan Butcher published by the CrimethInc. Ex-Workers Collective. The poems record the author's seven years in prison and are influenced by Charles Bukowski and Edward Bunker.[1] Clamor identified Stone Hotel as among CrimethInc.'s best work, calling it a "great start" for Butcher and "commendable in many ways".[2] Published as the first of the CrimethInc Letters series in 2003, the initial print run of Stone Hotel sold out, and the book is now out of print.[1]


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