Stone House, Ooty

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Stone House
Stone House, Ooty in 1905, with a tree called Sullivan's Oak in the foreground.
Stone House, Ooty in 1905, with a tree called Sullivan's Oak in the foreground.
Former namesKal Bangala
General information
Architectural styleEuropean
LocationOoty, Tamil Nadu,
Coordinates11°24′44″N 76°42′46″E / 11.412142°N 76.712728°E / 11.412142; 76.712728Coordinates: 11°24′44″N 76°42′46″E / 11.412142°N 76.712728°E / 11.412142; 76.712728
Elevation2240 m
Construction started1822[1]
OwnerGovernment of Tamil Nadu

Stone House was the first bungalow constructed in Ooty (India). It was built by John Sullivan and was called Kal Bangala by the tribals (Kal means stone in Tamil). Today, it is the official residence of the Principal of the Government Arts College, Ooty.[2][3][4] The tree in front of the bungalow is known as the Sullivan's oak.[5]


John Sullivan started building Stonehouse in 1822. He acquired land from the Toda people at 1 (equivalent to 550 or US$7.80 in 2019) an acre.[1]

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