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For the island near St Petersburg, Russia, see Kamenny Ostrov. For the 2000 AD story, see Stone Island (2000AD).
Stone Island
Industry Textile
Founded 1982 By Massimo Osti
Products Clothing
Revenue €80 million (2014)[1]
€13 million EBITDA
Website Stone Island

Stone Island is an Italian premium men's apparel brand from Ravarino famous for its compass patch that buttons onto the upper sleeve of the left arm. It belongs to Carlo Rivetti's "Sportswear Company" (SPW).

Massimo Osti (b. 1944; † 2005) started his first label C.P. Company in 1974. Stone Island was set as a secondary line or diffusion collection of his main label. The brand specialized in surface treatment of fabrics and dyeing techniques. GFT bought the company in 1983, Osti left in 1994, it is now run by Carlo Rivetti.

Originally the patches were green edged, badges from around the year 2000 onwards became black edged. There are also a run of rarer 'white badges' which were originally made on certain jackets to celebrate the millennium. The white badge is now apparent on jackets that use materials that Stone Island develops themselves in-house. Novel jacket designs include the "Liquid Reflective" jacket, that uses thousands of small shards of glass that reflect to light.

From the late 1990s the make has been popular among football fan 'casuals' in England and throughout the rest of Europe.[2] The brand can also be seen in many football hooliganism based films, such as Green Street Hooligans and The Football Factory and also on Killa(B11).


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