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Stone femme is a lesbian identity whose name was patterned after the more widely known term stone butch.[1] Identification with the term is not necessarily dependent upon the stone femme's physical appearance or gender expression, or upon the identity of the stone femme's partner.[citation needed]


Stone femme can have many different meanings:

  • a femme who is the bottom in sexual interactions
  • a femme who is attracted to or partnered with butches; who does not wish to sexually touch her partners' genitals[1]
  • a femme who is sexually stone and therefore does not wish to be touched in the genital area; often sexually Top in sexual interactions.

Relationship to sexual and gender identity[edit]

Some people use the term 'stone femme' to describe their identity in regards to their sexual identity or gender identity, their boundaries regarding the expression of either, or their sexual boundaries. Some stone femmes identify as queer, as dykes, and/or as lesbians. Others do not identify as lesbians due to the disconnect between the political and sexual connotations of the word and the reality of their personal experiences.

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