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Stonebolt is a Canadian rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia. Their sound also included elements of pop and country.


The band first formed in 1969 under the name Perth Amboy. After adding a vocalist and keyboard player, they changed their name to Stonebolt in 1973.[1] They performed in local Vancouver area venues until 1977, when they signed a production contract with W.Stewart Productions, who in turn landed a recording contract with Parachute Records.[2] The band released a self-titled album in 1978.[3][4] A song from this album, "I Will Still Love You", became their first and highest-charting hit single (U.S. #29).[5] A second single, "Love Struck" (U.S. #70), was released in 1979 and appeared on their second album.[6] After Parachute went under, they signed with RCA Records, but further tangible success eluded them. In 1999, Stonebolt re-recorded many of their songs for the CD compilation Regeneration: The Best of Stonebolt,[1] as no original master tapes could be found.


  • David Wills - vocals
  • Ray Roper - guitar & vocals
  • John Webster - keyboards
  • Dan Atchison - bass guitar
  • Brian Lousley - drums
  • Lewis Nitikman - keyboards (replaced John Webster in 1981)

Album discography[edit]

  • Stonebolt (Parachute Records, 1978)
  • Keep it Alive (RCA Records, 1979)
  • New Set of Changes (RCA Records, 1980)
  • Juvenile American Princess (RCA Records, 1982)
  • Regeneration: The Best of Stonebolt (Vortex Music, 1999)


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