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Stonebridge City Farm
Location St Ann's, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Nearest city Nottingham
Coordinates 52°57′27″N 1°08′03″W / 52.957577°N 1.134118°W / 52.957577; -1.134118Coordinates: 52°57′27″N 1°08′03″W / 52.957577°N 1.134118°W / 52.957577; -1.134118
Created 1978 (1978)
Open 10am to 4pm

Stonebridge City Farm is a City Farm in St Ann's, Nottingham, United Kingdom. Although it is relatively small in size - the area of a school that was originally to have been built there - it has gardens, wild green space and farm animals.


The St. Anns area of Nottingham underwent a great deal of slum clearance starting in the 1960s and 1970s, making way for more modern council housing. Although much of the area was regenerated, a school that was planned for the site was cancelled and the land became derelict. Urban farms had started to crop up in the Netherlands, and in 1977 started to be discussed for this site. By 17 August 1978 a lease was signed, and a barn erected in May 1980.[1]


The Farm has a number of areas of cultivation, from orchards and greenhouses to more formal gardens and wild spaces. Fruit and vegetables grown there are used in the kitchens of the on-site café, or sold either in the shop or a stall on the nearby Sneinton Market. Bees are also kept, both as pollinators and to harvest their honey.

The gardens have won a number of awards, such as the Civic Trust "Green Flag" award (national standard for parks)[2] and the RHS/Nottingham in Bloom Gold Medal.


A number of animals of all sizes are kept. Although these change over time, rare breed pigs, cows, goats and sheep (and even Shetland ponies and donkeys) are usually to be seen in the paddocks around the farm. A large number of chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese are kept, partly for the eggs they provide. There are also smaller animals such as guinea pigs and rabbits (which may be handled by the public) and an aviary of exotic birds (which may not).

The Farm is also surrounded by trees and shrubs, which attract a number of wild birds. Events such as the RSPB "Feed the Birds Day" are often staffed by members of the local RSPB group. There are also other wildlife events such as pond dipping held there.


The Farm encourages school visits so that urban children can learn about farm life; offers courses on bee keeping and gardening; placements for students studying animal-related courses; and supports people with special needs. As well as working outdoors it has an education building with a purpose-built classroom.

Other Amenities[edit]

The Farm has a café serving hot and cold food; a shop; a play area for children; toilets; hand washing facilities; and education building; and a barn. Entrance is free.


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