Stonehenge replica (Odessa, Texas)

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Stonehenge replica on campus of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin in Odessa

The Stonehenge replica is located on the campus of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin (UTPB) in Odessa in Ector County, Texas. About 20 stone blocks, similar in size, shape, and appearance to the ancient Stonehenge in southwestern England, were unveiled in the summer of 2004. The replica matches the original Stonehenge horizontally, but it falls some 14% short in height from the English monument. The tallest stone on the original is 22 feet, while the highest in the Odessa version is 19 feet.[1]

While the original may have taken 2000 years to complete, the replica was placed at UTPB in six weeks. The stones were moved two at a time on tractor-trailers and lifted into place on footings made of reinforced concrete. The original Stonehenge marked the summer and winter solstices;[2] the stones in the Odessa replica are also arranged so that the rising sun will shine through specific arches during the Summer Solstice.[3] Initially, the installation was based on a student project that required art students in professor Chris Stanley's class to build Stonehenge models each year, and was spearheaded by Stanley, his friend, Dick Gillham (a contractor), and Connie Edwards who owned the limestone quarry that donated the stones.[3] The replica is the dream of a citizens group who believe the exhibit will draw visitors from Interstate 20 and also enhance the cultural environment of the dusty West Texas city.[1] Each stone weighs more than 20,000 pounds and is composed of limestone slabs donated from the quarry[4] of TexaStone of Garden City in Glasscock near Big Spring, Texas.[1] The exhibit can be accessed at any time off East University Boulevard in Odessa. Admission is free.



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Coordinates: 31°53′31″N 102°19′35″W / 31.891938°N 102.326257°W / 31.891938; -102.326257