Stones Corner, Queensland

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Stones Corner sign, corner Logan Road and Montague Road, 2015
Open Street Map - Stones Corner, 2014

Stones Corner is the junction of Logan Road and Old Cleveland Road in Greenslopes, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


The area was originally known as Burnett's swamp, being low-lying land around the flood-prone Norman Creek. The triangle of land (the "corner") at the south-east of the junction of Logan Road and Old Cleveland Road was purchased by James Stone in 1875. He tried to get a licence to operate a hotel at the location but was unsuccessful so he soldginger beer instead. The ginger beer was brewed by his father in law, Phillip Clayton,at his ginger beer factory in Logan Road. The area took the name Stone's Corner as a result and later became a suburb with that name.[1]

The present Stones Corner Hotel was opened on the site in 1888 as the Junction Hotel by Denis O'Connor.[2][3]

Later the suburb of Stones Corner was absorbed into the neighbouring suburb of Greenslopes.


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Coordinates: 27°29′55″S 153°02′41″E / 27.4987°S 153.0446°E / -27.4987; 153.0446