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The following Confederate States Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Stones River of the American Civil War. The Union order of battle is listed separately. Order of battle compiled from the army organization[1] during the campaign,[2] the casualty returns[3] and the reports.[4]

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


Army of Tennessee[edit]

Gen Braxton Bragg, Commanding

Polk's Corps[edit]

LTG Leonidas Polk

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Cheatham's Division
     MG Benjamin F. Cheatham

First (Donelson's) Brigade

   BG Daniel S. Donelson

  • 8th Tennessee: Col William L. Moore (k), Ltc John H. Anderson
  • 16th Tennessee: Col John H. Savage
  • 38th Tennessee: Col John C. Carter
  • 51st Tennessee: Col John Chester
  • 84th Tennessee: Col Sidney S. Stanton
  • Carnes' (Tennessee) battery: Cpt William W. Carnes
Second (Stewart's) Brigade

   BG Alexander P. Stewart

Third (Maney's) Brigade

   BG George Maney

  • 1st-27th Tennessee: Col Hume R. Field
  • 4th Tennessee (Provisional Army): Col James A. McMurry
  • 6th-9th Tennessee: Col Charles S. Hurt, Maj John L. Harris
  • Maney's company (Tennessee) Sharpshooters: Cpt Frank Maney
  • Smith's (Mississippi) battery: Lt William B. Turner
Fourth (Smith's) Brigade

   Col Alfred J. Vaughan, Jr.
   BG Preston Smith[5]

Withers' Division
     MG Jones M. Withers

First (Deas') Brigade

   Col John Q. Loomis (w)
   Col John G. Coltart

Second (Chalmers') Brigade

   BG James R. Chalmers (w)
   Col Thomas W. White

  • 7th Mississippi
  • 9th Mississippi: Col Thomas W. White
  • 10th Mississippi
  • 41st Mississippi
  • 9th Mississippi Battalion Sharpshooters: Cpt O. F. West
  • Blythe's (Mississippi) regiment
  • Garrity's (Alabama) battery
Third (Walthall's) Brigade[7]

   BG J. Patton Anderson

  • 45th Alabama: Col James G. Gilchrist
  • 24th Mississippi: Ltc Robert P. McKelvaine
  • 27th Mississippi: Col Thomas M. Jones,[8] Ltc James L. Autry (k), Cpt Edward R. Neilson (w)
  • 29th Mississippi: Col William F. Brantley (w), Ltc James B. Morgan
  • 30th Mississippi: Ltc Junius I. Scales
  • 39th North Carolina:[9] Cpt Alfred W. Bell
  • Barret's (Missouri) battery: Cpt O. W. Barret
Fourth (Anderson's) Brigade

   Col Arthur M. Manigault

  • 24th Alabama
  • 28th Alabama
  • 34th Alabama
  • 10th-19th South Carolina: Col Augustus J. Lythgoe (k)
  • Waters' (Alabama) battery: Cpt David D. Waters

Hardee's Corps[edit]

LTG William J. Hardee

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Breckinridge's Division
     MG John C. Breckinridge

First (Adams') Brigade

   BG Daniel W. Adams (w)
   Col Randall L. Gibson

Second (Pillow's) Brigade[10]

   Col Joseph B. Palmer
   BG Gideon J. Pillow[11]

Third (Preston's) Brigade

   BG William Preston

  • 1st-3rd Florida: Col William Miller[12] (w)
  • 4th Florida: Col William L. L. Bowen
  • 60th North Carolina: Col Joseph A. McDowell
  • 20th Tennessee: Col Thomas B. Smith (w), Ltc Frank M. Lavender, Maj Fred Claybrooke
  • Wright's (Tennessee) Battery: Cpt E. Eldridge Wright (k), Lt John W. Mebane (w)
Fourth (Hanson's) Brigade

   BG Roger W. Hanson (mw)
   Col Robert P. Trabue

Jackson's Brigade[13]

   BG John K. Jackson

  • 5th Georgia: Col William T. Black (k), Maj Charles P. Daniel
  • 2nd Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters: Maj Jesse J. Cox
  • 5th Mississippi: Ltc Walter L. Sykes (w)
  • 8th Mississippi: Col John C. Wilkinson (w&c), Ltc Aden McNeill
  • Pritchard's (Georgia) Battery
  • Lumsden's (Alabama) battery: Lt Harvey H. Cribbs

Cleburne's Division
     MG Patrick R. Cleburne

First (Polk's) Brigade

   BG Lucius E. Polk

Second (Liddell's) Brigade

   BG St. John R. Liddell

Third (Johnson's) Brigade

   BG Bushrod R. Johnson

  • 17th Tennessee: Col Albert S. Marks (w), Ltc Watt W. Floyd
  • 23rd Tennessee: Ltc Richard H. Keeble
  • 25th Tennessee: Col John M. Hughs (w), Ltc Samuel Davis
  • 37th Tennessee: Col Moses White (w), Maj Joseph T. McReynolds (k), Cpt Charles G. Jarnagin
  • 44th Tennessee: Col John S. Fulton
  • Jefferson (Mississippi) Artillery: Cpt Putnam Darden
Fourth (Wood's) Brigade

   BG Sterling A. M. Wood

  • 16th Alabama: Col William B. Wood (w)
  • 33rd Alabama: Col Samuel Adams
  • 3rd Confederate: Maj John F. Cameron
  • 45th Mississippi: Ltc Richard Charlton
  • 15th Mississippi Battalion Sharpshooters: Cpt A. T. Hawkins
  • Semple's (Alabama) Battery: Cpt Henry C. Semple[14]

McCown's Division[15]
     MG John P. McCown

First (Ector's) Brigade

   BG Mathew D. Ector

Second (Rains's) Brigade

   BG James E. Rains (k)
   Col Robert B. Vance

Third (McNair's) Brigade

   BG Evander McNair[17]
   Col Robert W. Harper


Division Brigade Regiments and Others

     BG Joseph Wheeler[19]

Wheeler's Brigade

   BG Joseph Wheeler

  • 1st Alabama: Col William W. Allen (w)
  • 3rd Alabama: Maj Francis Y. Gaines, Cpt Tyirie H. Mauldin
  • 51st Alabama: Col John T. Morgan, Ltc James D. Webb (w)
  • 8th Confederate: Col William B. Wade
  • 1st Tennessee: Col James E. Carter
  • Douglass' (Tennessee) Battalion: Maj DeWitt C. Douglass
  • Holman's (Tennessee) Battalion: Maj Daniel W. Holman
  • Wiggins' (Arkansas) Battery: Cpt Jannedens H. Wiggins
Buford's Brigade

   BG Abraham Buford

  • 3rd Kentucky: Col J. Russell Butler
  • 5th Kentucky: Col D. H. Smith
  • 6th Kentucky: Col John W. Grigsby
Pegram's Brigade[20]

   BG John Pegram

Wharton's Brigade

   BG John A. Wharton

  • 14th Alabama Battalion: Ltc James C. Malone
  • 1st Confederate: Col John T. Cox[21]
  • 3rd Confederate: Ltc William N. Estes
  • 2nd Georgia: Ltc James E. Dunlop, Maj Francis M. Ison
  • 3rd Georgia (detachment): Maj Robert Thompson
  • 2nd Tennessee:[22] Col Henry M. Ashby
  • 4th Tennessee: Col Baxter Smith
  • Davis' (Tennessee) Battalion: Maj John R. Davis
  • 8th Texas: Col Thomas Harrison[23]
  • Murray's (Tennessee) regiment: Maj William S. Bledsoe
  • Escort company: Cpt Paul F. Anderson
  • McCown's escort company: Cpt L. T. Hardy
  • White's (Tennessee) battery: Cpt Benjamin F. White, Jr.


Battalions Batteries


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