Stoney Squaw Mountain

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Stoney Squaw Mountain
Stoney Squaw (covered in trees) with Cascade Mountain in background
Highest point
Elevation1,868 m (6,129 ft) [1]
Coordinates51°12′2.25″N 115°34′39.6″W / 51.2006250°N 115.577667°W / 51.2006250; -115.577667
LocationAlberta, Canada
Parent rangerocky range
Topo mapNTS 82O/04
Easiest routeScramble

Stoney Squaw Mountain, often called just Stoney Squaw is a mountain in the Bow River Valley of Banff National Park, adjacent to the town of Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Stoney Squaw is located between Cascade Mountain and Mount Norquay, in the Vermilion Range of the Canadian Rockies. Stoney Squaw is the second smallest mountain adjacent to the townsite, taller only than Tunnel Mountain. It is much rounder than many of the other mountains nearby.

Ernest Ingersoll wrote in his 1892 "Canadian Guide Book" that the mountain takes its name "from the traditional story that some years ago a brave old Assiniboine woman sustained her husband, who lay sick for several months in their lodge at its base, by hunting upon its top and sides, where there are open glades which still form favourite spring feeding-places for the big-horn or mountain sheep. The name became official in 1922.[1] The adjacent Cascade Mountain used to be referred to as Stoney Chief, though this name is now largely defunct.


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