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Stoneyfields Park is a three hectare public park in Edgware in the London Borough of Barnet.[1]

The park is a mainly grassland area with a small wood, hedgerows and two play areas. Deans Brook, which crosses the park, has been dammed to create an ornamental lake. The lake has a fringe of vegetation dominated by great and lesser reedmace. Coots, moorhens and mallards breed on the lake, and it also supports amphibians and dragonflies.[2]

The woodland of oak and hazel is clearly old, as are some of the hedges, and there are plants indicative of ancient woodland, such as wood-sedge. Parts of the grassland are herb rich, with wild flowers such as cuckooflower.[2]

There is access to the park from Edgware Way, Fairmead Crescent and Riverdene.

Stoneyfields Park and Deans Brook are a Site of Borough Importance for Nature Conservation, Grade II.[2][3]


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