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Brittany CoxXx
Head shot photograph of Brittany CoxXx with a pink flower in her hair
Born Adrian T. Cortez
(1978-07-19)July 19, 1978
New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Died December 6, 2016(2016-12-06) (aged 38)
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.
Other names Stonie
Occupation Pornographic performer
Years active 1999–2009
Agent David Forest
Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)[1]
Weight 140 lb (64 kg)[1]

Brittany CoxXx (July 19, 1978 – December 6, 2016) was the stage name of Adrian T. Cortez, an American performer in gay and transsexual pornography.[2] CoxXx was born as Adrian T. Cortez[3] in New Orleans, Louisiana[4] and had a successful career in gay pornography, since 1999, under the name Stonie before transitioning from male to female in late 2005.[4] Before transition she performed in more than 60 productions, appeared on nearly 50 box covers, and was nominated for the 2001 GayVN Award in the "Best Newcomer" category.[5] Some fame was also gained due to a cameo appearance in the 2006 movie Borat.[2][6][7][8][9] She returned to the adult industry in 2008 in collaboration with Paul Baressi, with whom she had worked under an exclusive contract for his military-themed Regiment Productions label,[4] and was nominated for the "Transsexual Performer Of The Year" title at the 2009 AVN Awards, while the film in which she starred, Brittany's Transformation, was nominated in the "Best Transsexual Release" category.[10][11] CoxXx's last performance was in 2009, after which she retired to Florida where she operated her business, Couture Visions Photography, until her death in late 2016 at age 38.[4]

Early life[edit]

CoxXx was born in July 19, 1978 to Perry Cortez Sr. and Deborah (nee Waguespack) in New Orleans, Louisiana and had three brothers.[1][3][5][12] Under the stage name Stonie, CoxXx began working in both gay and transsexual pornography in 1999.[4]

Gay porn career[edit]

Brittany as she appeared as Stonie in gay pornography

After several performances with Gary McKay's L.A. Heat productions, CoxXx signed an exclusive contract with GayVN Hall of Fame director Paul Barresi.[4][13] The contract was unusual for including benefits rarely provided in the adult industry.[4] By 2006, her career had included more than 60 productions and involved every major gay porn studio.[2] Accolades included being described as the Kate Moss of gay porn[14] and "the boy with the hottest ass"[2] – in fact, Mickey Skee described the star as having "one of the hottest asses in the business since Joey Stefano's"[15] whilst Jason Sechrest described the star as an "insatiable super bottom with an unparalleled sex drive".[5] According to one report, "Fans adore starring [sic] at [Stonie's] massive package and tight ass while he hangs with his homeboyz, macks on collegiate cuties or follow orders from his dictatorial daddies,"[14] a description that covers the major genres of Stonie's work. Stonie's "package" measured 8 inches and appeared particularly large on the star's small frame.[15] In playing roles subservient to "dictatorial daddies" (that is, films with authoritarian, discipline, or military themes), Stonie was well-matched with Barresi, as Adult Video News has said Barresi's directorial efforts make him "undisputedly the king of military-themed videos."[16]

Many of the authoritarian videos were made with Barresi and his Regiment Productions studio (such as Brig Brats,[17] Carnal Cadets,[18] and Wild Blue[19]), though a spanking fetish video was also filmed with Control-T Studios[20] and a bondage video Roped Trick with Tom "Ropes" McGurk.[21] Stonie appeared in a scene with J.T. Sloan, the 1995 GayVN Gay Performer of the Year, in the 2000 Pacific Sun Entertainment production Daddy Please![22] Working with All Worlds Video, Stonie made White Lies,[23] Father Figure,[24] appearing with GayVN Award and two-time Grabby Award-winner Sam Crockett. Stonie was also featured in the film's sequel, Father Figure 2.[25] For Catalina Video, Stonie appeared in a threeway with Jason Sizemore.[26] The two also appeared together in the Studio 2000 production Straight Up.[27] Stonie's career included appearances on nearly 50 box covers.[5]

A nomination was received in the "Best Newcomer" category in the 2001 GayVN Awards,[5] losing to Caesar. The two stars appeared together in the Men of Odyssey production Caesar's Hardhat Gang Bang, which won the 2001 GayVN Award for "Best Ethnic-Themed Video".[4][28]

Borat cameo[edit]

Borat was a 2006 mockumentary comedy film that was a critical and commercial success, but which was also highly controversial. In what was described as one of the best sight gags in the film,[29] the central character Borat Sagdiyev shows photographs of himself with his allegedly 13-year-old son Hooeylewis, portrayed by Stonie,[2][7][8][9] to an etiquette coach.[30] In one such photo, "a naked Stonie is cradling his Dad in his arms" while in another "Borat [is] squatting down giving the thumbs-up sign to a close-up of shot of his son's large endowment".[31]

RadarOnline republished the Radar magazine report on the porn star appearing as Borat's son:[7]

Borat's producers first contacted [Stonie's Manager, David Forest] in June 2005, he tells Radar. "They wanted to find someone who would look 13 or 14 but was actually of legal age and would do frontal nudity," he recalls. Cortez immediately sprang to mind, he says, because "he's a small-framed boy but has a large organ." How large? "About eight inches, and thick."

Commenting on the appearance, Queerty noted that, despite Borat exploiting "his son's genitals",[32] Sacha Baron Cohen did not invite Stonie to the premiere of Borat. Forest did comment that the star "earned far more for [the Borat] photo session than he would've if it had been for an adult company. We got paid a good sum of money."[33]

Brittany's transition[edit]

Brittany CoxXx, after her transition

CoxXx's last gay porn appearances were filmed in 2005,[2] though these works continued to be released until 2006.[29] Her transition began in late 2005,[4] the year-long transition process involving hormone therapies and breast surgery, and led to the emergence of trans woman Brittany CoxXx[8] (in an interview with Jason Sechrest, CoxXx confirmed that she still had her penis[9]). At the start of 2008, agent David Forest[34] confirmed her return to adult film productions, her first performance being in Brittany's Transformation in collaboration with Barresi,[35] who she trusted and respected after their earlier work together.[4][29] CoxXx declared that she was "really looking forward to working again with Pleasure Productions and Paul Barresi," adding that "[i]t's funny how things happen in life. Everything seems to come full circle."[36] J. C. Adams, who has been writing about gay pornography since at least 1998, commented that Brittany's transsexual performance "may actually be the first time a gay adult performer has undergone the switch and re-emerged as a MTF actor. (Others have donned drag, of course, but that's a different animal.)"[29] Jason Sechrest confirmed that Brittany was the first to move from gay male to trans woman porn star, describing the movie as "groundbreaking".[5] Lucas Entertainment performer Christina Cruz (formerly Christian Cruz) has since followed Brittany by also transitioning from the gay male market to the transsexual market.[37] According to Gay Porn Times editor J. C. Adams, the report of Brittany's transition[29] was in the top ten most popular stories they covered in 2008.[38] Chi Chi LaRue commented on the difficulties CoxXx faced, observing that "she was happier once she transitioned" but also that many "people didn't show her support or respect her decision."[36]

The film Brittany's Transformation told the story of her transitioning, and was well received. Barresi put together the financing for the film and chose to include older footage of Stonie to tell her transition story, described the film as unlike any transsexual movie made before.[39] The film was nominated in the 2009 AVN Awards in the category of "Best Transsexual Release", while Brittany herself was nominated in the "Transsexual Performer Of The Year" category.[10][11] America’s Next Top Tranny 2 took the Best Transsexual release award, whilst the Transsexual Performer Of The Year went to Wendy Williams,[40] who had been a nominee in 2006,[41] 2007,[42] and 2008.[43] Speaking of Brittany's Transformation, CoxXx commented that "since this is my first movie as a woman – in my new bod, which I totally love by the way – it's a whole new experience onscreen for myself and for the viewers".[44] Brittany was partnered with Christian XXX (who worked in gay porn under the name Maxx Diesel) in the final scene of the film.

CoxXx left the adult industry in 2009 and moved to Florida,[4] where she spent several months in hospital battling Hepatitis B and liver disease.[45] By January 2010, her hepatitis was reported to be almost undetectable and she was recovering well.[46] By September, Brittany was reported as fully recovered and made a live appearance at Micky's in West Hollywood, California,[47] apparently stealing the show.[48] CoxXx subsequently started a business in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Couture Visions Photography – which she owned and operated until her death.[4]


CoxXx died at Broward Health in Fort Lauderdale on December 6, 2016 at the age of 38. She was survived by her father, two of her brothers, and her paternal grandmother.[3][36] CoxXx was remembered fondly by adult industry figures. Chi Chi Larue described CoxXx as a "true original"[4] who was "was very beautiful in both of her lives"[36] and "grabbed the bull by the horns and did it her way. She will definitely be missed. Rest in peace sweet angel."[4] The JRL Charts President reflected on McKay introducing him to Stonie, who he described as an "upbeat young man who had high hopes for a career in the gay adult film industry [who] became a true friend for many years. ... I will truly miss [her]."[4]


Gay pornographic video appearances as Stonie include:[1][49]

  • The Big Tease – Stonie Learns a Lesson (1999, director: Steve Powers, studio: Control-T Studios)[20]
  • Roped Trick (1999, director: Tom "Ropes" McGurk, studio: Grapik Art Productions)[21][50]
  • Caesar's Hardhat Gang Bang (2000, director: Chi Chi LaRue, studio: Men of Odyssey), won the 2001 GayVN Award for "Best Ethnic-Themed Video"[28]
  • Daddy Please! (2000, director: Paul Barresi, studio: Pacific Sun Entertainment)[22]
  • Father Figure (2000, directors: Peter and Casey O'Brian, studio: All Worlds Video)[24]
  • White Lies (2000, director: Rafael, studio: All Worlds Video)[23]
  • Brig Brats (2001, director: Paul Barresi, studio: Regiment Productions)[17]
  • Carnal Cadets (2001, director: Paul Barresi, studio: Regiment Productions)[18]
  • Father Figure 2 (2002, directors: Peter and Casey O'Brian, studio: All Worlds Video)[25]
  • Stonie Slept Here! (2002, director: Edward James, studio: Rosebud Male)[51]
  • Monster Meat (2003, director: Peter Romero, studio: Catalina Video)[26][52]
  • Straight Up (2003, director: Derek Kent, studio: Studio 2000)[27]
  • Jeff Stryker's Tall Tails (2004, director: Ross Cannon, studio: Stryker Productions)[53]
  • Wild Blue (2005, director: Paul Barresi, studio: Regiment Productions)[19]

Transsexual pornographic video appearances as Brittany CoxXx include:

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