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Stonkers - Imagine.jpg
Developer(s)Imagine Software
Publisher(s)Imagine Software
Designer(s)John Gibson
Artist(s)Paul Lindale
Platform(s)ZX Spectrum
Mode(s)Single player

Stonkers is a strategy video game. It was written for the ZX Spectrum and published by Imagine Software in 1983. It was designed and programmed by John Gibson with graphics by Paul Lindale. TechRadar considers it an early example of a real-time strategy game.[1]


Stonkers is controlled either using keyboard or joystick. In the game, the player controls infantry, artillery, tank, and supply-truck units. Combat units consume supplies over time and the player must use the supply units to replenish them. Supply units are unloaded while a ship docks at the player's port. Information about ongoing events is displayed in a ticker tape on the bottom of the screen.

The game was plagued with bugs and early versions crashed after a few minutes of play. Despite this, it was awarded the title "Best Wargame" by CRASH in 1984.[2]


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