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Stony Creek Brewery
IndustryCraft Brewery
United States
ProductsBeer, Wine

The Stony Creek Brewery is a Craft Brewery established in 2010 by Manny Rodriguez and Peggy Crowley,[1] located in Branford, Connecticut.[2] "Stony Creek first launched as a contract-produced craft brand"; they produced only a small number of craft brews through a larger company, in this case, Thomas Hooker Brewery.[1] Up until 2012 they were little known and had little potential for growth. Ed Crowley, husband of co-founder Peggy Crowley, worked as a Co-owner at Dichello Distributors in 2012 when he noticed an increase in the market of craft brewing. He gave up his position at Dichello Distributors and pursued his dream of craft brewing. Over the next three years, he rebranded Stony Creek Brewery and reopened in February 2015.


Prior to Rebranding[edit]

Prior to their rebranding, Stony Creek Brewery was a small-scale contract-produced craft brand known for their IPA’s named after Connecticut's two state area codes, 203 and 860.[2] They also featured a 203 Lager and a 401 IPA as a salute to Rhode Island's only area code.[3] As a small-scale craft brand without a brewery of their own, Stony Creek had minimal options for expansion. Eventually, Ed Crowley saw the shift in market share from large core brands to small, local craft brews. "I started seeing some of the more local brands coming in and taking a half a point of market share," he said. "I would sit back in my chair as an A-B [Anheuser-Busch] guy or a Heineken guy would say 'I am losing taps to local brands.' Dichello's core brands started to suffer and, at that point, my family and I decided that 2012 was the proper time to get out."[1] He sold his shares of Dichello Distributors (50% of total shares) to get start up money for the rebranding of Stony Creek Brewery.

Post Rebranding[edit]

After the rebranding, the new Stony Creek Brewery became much more than just a small-scale contract-produced craft brand. Ed Crowley Sr. reinvented every aspect of the Stony Creek brand from what it was in 2012. He began by bringing in his son Ed Crowly Jr. as owner. Ed Crowley Sr. and Jr. were passionate about the bigger plans they had for the brewery.[2] Next, Ed Crowley Sr. worked with his former business colleague Andrew Schwartz to design the job description for the Brewmaster at Stony Creek. Schwartz worked as senior innovation brewer for Craft Brew Alliance. Once Crowley received the description, he immediately reciprocated the offer to Schwartz. After some contemplation, Schwartz accepted the position and became Crowley’s second large acquisition in the rebranding.[1] Jamal Robinson was then acquired by Crowley from Blue Point Brewing Company to become Stony Creek’s Director of Sales.[1] Finally, Crowley brought in "Good Beer Hunting's Michael Kiser, a brand strategist and expert storyteller".[1] Kiser worked with Crowley to design a visual aspect that would embody the rebranding he was looking to accomplish. From there the "vibrant, multicolored heron that is prominently displayed throughout the company's entire portfolio, was designed by local artist, Lisa Sotero ."[1] The rebranded Stony Creek reopened in February 2015, and "has since grown to become one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the state of Connecticut" according to Crowley.[1] The heron artwork and support images that are displayed throughout the company’s entire portfolio are designed and illustrated by Lisa Sotero.


Stony Creek Brewery's first facility from the front & the Parking Lot

First Facility[edit]

Tasting Room at Stony Creek Brewery with wall of Mug Club mugs in background

As of February 2015, Stony Creek Brewery opened its first facility at 5 Indian Neck Avenue on the Branford River in Branford, Connecticut.[2] Their $20 Million[1] Indian Neck facility took four years of planning and 10 months of construction to complete construction, but it finally opened in February 2015.[2] The Brewery's 30,000 square feet makes it the second largest brewing facility and taproom in Connecticut, trailing only Two Roads Brewing Company in Stratford, Connecticut.[4] There is a 2,500 square foot tasting room with 23-ounce glass mugs hanging on the wall behind the bar as part of the brewery’s Mug Club.[5] As of June 13, 2015 the Mug Club had more that 250 members.[5] The club is a way of thanking devoted customers by giving them an opportunity to, “have their own little piece of the Creek,” Crowley Jr. said.[5] The Stony Creek Brewery also boasts two outdoor decks, one on the first floor outside the Tap Room, and the other by the celebration room on the second floor, both overlooking the Branford River.[5] The first floor back deck is complete with Adirondack chairs and tables while the second floor deck is reserved for those customers looking to rent out the space for gatherings or special occasions.[2] The back deck leads down to a ground level that has more seating, a bocce ball court, custom-designed cornhole boards and fire pits.[2] The front of the building features a 30-foot tall glass wall providing oncoming customers a sneak peek at Stony Creek’s tap room.[5]

Ground level behind Stony Creek Brewery with dock and Branford River in background


The new Stony Creek Brewery is accessible to guest by almost any means of transportation.[4] “It is within easy walking distance of the Branford Train Station (about a block away), and there will be a 50-bike bicycle rack, and two electric car stations."[4] A new 140-foot dock was just built on the river that will allow patrons to travel to the brewery by boat.[5]

Parking Lot[edit]

The “mammoth” parking lot will host food trucks regularly, since there is no food on site.[4] However, it will double as an event space. The team is currently considering events such as music festivals, beer festivals and drive in movie nights.[4] Guests are welcomed and encouraged to bring their own food, get something to eat at the food trucks or order takeout from a list of suggested local restaurants.[2]

Second Brewing Facility[edit]

Stony Creek Brewery has grown rapidly since rebranding and reopening in 2015, and consequently, talks have been made about opening another facility in a separate location.[1] When asked about this speculation, Crowley said, "This brewing facility will always be our main brewery, but we will put another brewery in Branford, at another location."[1] As a result of the company's success, Stony Creek has already begun planning for a secondary brewing facility.[1]

Production Rates[edit]

Current Production Rates[edit]

According to, the Stony Creek Brewery has produced "more than 10,000 barrels during its first 12 months."[1] Crowley also predicts, "to have over 288,000 people through the brewery this year."[1] Recognizing that demand was quickly outpacing supply, Stony Creek reinvested $3 million on 13 new fermentation tanks, two bright beer tanks, a dedicated mash tun and a centrifuge.[1]

Projected Production Rates[edit]

"Stony Creek, which could eventually produce 60,000 barrels in its current footprint, [we] will build out 45,000 barrels of capacity by next March" Schwartz said.[1] The company has already begun planning for a secondary brewing facility to greater increase production.[1]


Active Products[edit]

Name Type ABV IBU
Cranky IPA 6.8% 68
Big Cranky Double IPA 9.5% 95
Little Cranky Session IPA 4.5% 50
Dock Time Amber Lager 4.8% N/A
Sun Juice Belgian Summer Ale 5.3% N/A
Crum Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Amber Ale 6.2% N/A
Snow Hole Double Red Winter Seasonal 8.5% 85
Chahklit Baltic Porter 8.5% N/A
Crimsang Soured Double IPA 9.5% 95
Reposado Negro Black Wheat Wine 9.2% N/A
Lichtenlizzy Hybrid of a Berliner Weisse and a Smoked Rauch 3.5% N/A


Former Products[edit]

Name Type ABV
Black Ale American Black Ale 6.0%
Brewford Gold Blonde Ale 4.6%
Nitro Black Black IPA 6.0%
In the Red American Amber Ale 5.3%
Nitro Belgian Blonde Blonde Ale 6.9%
Nitro Pale Ale Pale Ale 5.6%
Nitro Golden Rye Rye Beer 5.8%
Creeker Xpa Triple IPA 4.3%
Cranked Imperial Double IPA 9.5%
BlAger Black Lager 9.2%
Double Red American Amber Ale 8.5%
Choc Dock Vienna Lager 4.8%


Archived Products[edit]

Name Type ABV
203 American IPA 6.1%
860 American IPA 6.1%
401 American IPA 6.15%
203 American Amber Lager 4.7%



According to the New Haven Register, the brewery has 15 full-time employees, with several other part-time employees.[5] However, the Stony Creek Brewery website only lists the following 9 individuals:[6]

Name Position
Ed (Sr.) & Peggy Crowley Founders
Ed Crowley Jr. Owner
Andy Schwartz Brewmaster
Jamal Robinson Director of Sales
Manny Rodriguez Director of Operations
Nina Fattore Event Planner
Jake Pelletier Tasting Room Manager
Del Morel Packaging Manager



Day Time
Monday Closed
Tuesday 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Wednesday 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Thursday 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Friday 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Saturday 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM



Phone (203) 433-4545



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