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Stony Sleep was a teenage grunge rock band, formed in 1993 by brothers Ben Fox Smith (vocals, guitar), Christian Smith-Pancorvo (drums, vocals), and William Salmon (bass). They were signed to Big Cat Records in 1995 and recorded Music For Chameleons which was originally released in 1996.

The band then replaced Will Salmon with Lee Citron and recorded A Slack Romance in 1997, released in 1999.[1] They split up in 1999 following the demise of Big Cat Records and under pressure from drug addiction and lack of finance.[citation needed]

During the band's career Stony Sleep toured Britain extensively, and played a handful of gigs in Europe and the USA. Highlights of their career included a top 30 slot in the Australian album charts, an exceptional review by Ozzy Osbourne for the NME, and an interview with Johnny Vaughan, live on the Big Breakfast, a show no longer being aired. They recorded two very successful sessions under John Peel, which are very hard to get hold of.[citation needed]

Frontman Ben Fox Smith went on to front Serafin. Drummer Christian Smith-Pancorvo has played in various bands, most notably being the original drummer with Razorlight, and is currently also in Serafin with Ben Fox Smith. Lee Citron died in November 2001.[2]



  • Music for Chameleons Version 1 (1996)
  • Music for Chameleons Version 2[3] (1997)
  • A Slack Romance[4] (1999)


  • This Kitten is Clean (1996)
  • Absurd (1997)
  • This Kitten is Clean (re-release) (1997)
  • She Had Me (1997)
  • Midmay (1998)
  • Lady Lazarus (1998)
  • Khartoum[5] (1999)


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