Stoopid Monkey

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Stoopid Monkey
Industry Animated series
Web series
Founded 2005
Founder Seth Green
Matthew Senreich
Key people
Seth Green
Matthew Senreich
Divisions Stoopid Buddy Stoodios

Stoopid Monkey, LLC (stylized as sTOoP!d MoNkEy) is the production company of Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, established in 2005.[citation needed] It is one of the producers of the Adult Swim animated television series Robot Chicken and Titan Maximum.



Web series[edit]

Feature Films[edit]

Matthew Senreich with a Stoopid Monkey shirt.

Production logos[edit]

Every episode of Robot Chicken from Season 1-4 displays one of many still Stoopid Monkey production logos following the credits; each depicts a cartoon monkey performing an obviously foolish or life-threatening activity or the aftermath of suicide as an irritated Seth Green is heard saying, "Stupid monkey." Each Stoopid Monkey card was drawn by artist and actor Adam Talbott.[citation needed] Starting with season 5, the logo is the monkey's shining silver head smiling with the shining Stoopid Monkey text below it.


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