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Stop may refer to:


  • Stop, Kentucky, an unincorporated community in the United States
  • Stop (Rogatica), a village in Rogatica, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina



  • Stop, a 1970 American film by Bill Gunn with Marlene Clark, Anna Aries, Edward Michael Bell
  • Stop, a 1972 French-Canadian film by Jean Beaudin
  • Stop!, a 2004 Hindi romantic film starring Dia Mirza
  • Stop (2015 film) South Korean-Japanese co-production directed by Kim Ki-duk




Medicine and anatomy[edit]


Optics and photography[edit]

  • Stop, the difference of a power of 2 in the context of exposure value
    • F-stops, a unit of measure of aperture
  • Stop bath, a chemical used in film processing

Arrestation devices[edit]


  • Stop sign, a traffic signal
  • Full stop (full point, period), a punctuation mark
    • STOP, used to replace that symbol in telegraphs, as Morse code has no method to produce it (sometimes STOP was used for a comma and FULL STOP for the period).
  • Stop error, a computer error screen
  • Terry stop, a brief police detention in the United States

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