Stop! Stop! Stop! (album)

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Stop! Stop! Stop!
Stop stop stop cd.jpg
Studio album by Nu Virgos
Released 2004
Recorded 2003-2004
Genre Dance-pop
Pop rock
Teen pop
Urban pop
Language English
Japanese (in 1 track)
Ukrainian (in 1 track)
Label Sony Music Japan
Producer Konstantin Meladze
Dmitry Kostyuk
Nu Virgos chronology
Stop! Stop! Stop!

Stop! Stop! Stop! is the first English and the fourth overall studio album by Nu Virgos.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Stop! Stop! Stop!
  2. Till The Morning Light
  3. Hold Me Closer
  4. Good Morning, Daddy!
  5. Let Me Introduce My Mama
  6. Kill My Girlfriend
  7. Don't Ever Leave Me Love
  8. Where I'm Gonna Find My Love
  9. Thank You For The Summer
  10. Every Day
  11. Stop! Stop! Stop! (Upbeat Version)
  12. Ai No Wana (Kill My Girlfriend)
  13. Stop! Stop! Stop! (R&B Version)