Stop & Go

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Stop & Go
Stop & Go cover.jpg
Studio album by Hamilton Bohannon
Released 1973 (1973)
Recorded 1973 (1973)
Genre Funk, soul music
Label Dakar/Brunswick Records
Hamilton Bohannon chronology
Stop & Go
Keep on Dancin'

Stop & Go[1] is the first studio album by American musician Hamilton Bohannon. It was recorded and released in 1973 by Dakar/Brunswick Records. The most famous song of the record is Save Their Souls.[citation needed] It was used a lot of times as a sample to many hip hop songs (e.g. Cashmere Thoughts by Jay-Z) and it was also included in the soundtrack of the video game Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure.

Track listing[edit]

  1. The Pimp Walk
  2. Run It On Down Mr. DJ
  3. Save Their Souls
  4. Singing A Song For My Mother
  5. It's Time For Peace
  6. Happiness
  7. The Stop And Go
  8. Getting To The Other Side