Stopford Building

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Stopford Building
Stopford Building.jpg
The Stopford Building from Oxford Road
General information
Location 53°27′50″N 2°13′51″W / 53.4639°N 2.2308°W / 53.4639; -2.2308Coordinates: 53°27′50″N 2°13′51″W / 53.4639°N 2.2308°W / 53.4639; -2.2308
Construction started 1969
Completed 1972
Owner University of Manchester
Design and construction
Architect H. S. Fairhurst & Son

The Stopford Building is the second largest building at The University of Manchester, after the Sackville Street Building. It houses the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences (FMHS), and the Faculty of Life Sciences (FLS). It was built in 1969-72 (architects H. S. Fairhurst & Son). It is now linked on the east side to the Biotech Building of 1999.[1]

The new Medical School (1972) was given the name of the Stopford Building in memory of Lord Stopford, a former Vice-Chancellor and notable anatomist. It has six lecture theatres. Also within the building is the Stopford Library (a branch of the university library) which caters for the medical scientists and students. (The library was formerly known as the Medical Faculty Library and was an original feature of the building.)

The Stopford Building is located on Oxford Road, Manchester, on the corner of Ackers Street immediately to the south of the Church of the Holy Name and opposite to the Manchester Academy which is next to the University of Manchester Students' Union (UMSU).


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