Stopića Cave

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Stopića Cave
Serbian: Стопића пећина / Stopića pećina
Stopića Pećina2.jpg
LocationSirogojno, Mount Zlatibor, Serbia
Coordinates43°41′47″N 19°52′10″E / 43.69629°N 19.86957°E / 43.69629; 19.86957Coordinates: 43°41′47″N 19°52′10″E / 43.69629°N 19.86957°E / 43.69629; 19.86957
Length1,691.5 m (5,550 ft)
GeologyTriassic limestone
Show cave opened2009
Visitors61.280 in 2017
Featureswaterfall, tufa bathtubs

Stopića cave (Serbian: Стопића пећина / Stopića pećina) is a limestone cave near Sirogojno, on the slopes of Mount Zlatibor in western Serbia.[1] It has been protected by the state as the natural monument.[2]


Cave image

The Stopića cave is located on the territory of the Rožanstvo village. The cave is easily accessed. It has a 20-metre-high (66 ft) entrance, a waterfall, speleothems and unusual tufa "bathtubs", cave formations which fill with water in time, and then overspill creating a cascade flow.[2]

The cave was open for public in 2009. In 2017 it had 61.280 visitors.[2]

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