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The Stopwatch Gang was a group of four Canadians, Paddy Mitchell, Lionel Wright, Stephen Reid, and driver Grant Bethel, who made a living robbing banks in the United States and Canada. From 1974[1][2] to 1980, they robbed nearly 100 banks and stole the equivalent of about $15 million Canadian dollars.[3]

The gang was famous for the brilliant planning of their jobs. They were known for robbing banks in two minutes or less[1] and getting away with no trace. The group was nicknamed "The Stopwatch Gang" by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, because one of the men was seen wearing a stopwatch around his neck while robbing the bank.[4] They were known for non-violent methods and politeness to victims.

They successfully completed a $750,000 gold heist in 1974 from the Ottawa airport.[1][3] They were arrested after that robbery and all escaped from prison by 1979.[4] Then, they carried out a large number of bank robberies in the 1980s along the California coast, where they stole large sums of money. The gang's biggest heist took place at a Bank of America branch in San Diego on September 23, 1980, when the US$283,000 they stole set a San Diego record.[4]

The gang's story is recorded in several television documentaries and books, including Mitchell's autobiography, This Bank Robber's Life, which he wrote from prison.[5]

Stephen Reid later became a noted Canadian author after writing Jackrabbit Parole while in prison and then being paroled in 1987.[3][4][6] In 1999, Reid re-offended and was sentenced to 18 years in prison. He was released on day parole in February 2008.[3][4][6] Reid died in hospital near his home on Haida Gwaii in June 2018.[3]


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