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Storenvy Logo.jpg
Type of business Privately held
Founded 2010
Headquarters San Francisco, CA, USA
Founder(s) Jon Crawford
CEO Jon Crawford
Industry e-Commerce
Alexa rank Increase 1,573 (US, 04/2014)
Written in Ruby on Rails

Storenvy is an e-commerce platform which consists of an online store builder and social marketplace, with over 65,000 merchants[1] and millions of products listed. Since launching the Marketplace in December 2012, there have been over $23 million in sales of products ranging from handmade goods to men’s and women’s apparel, jewelry, art, music, and home decor.


Custom Store Builder[edit]

Storenvy first launched as an online store builder in 2010. The platform allows store owners, makers and artists to open an online store for free and customize it. Store upgrades include custom domain usage and discounts.

Storenvy Marketplace[edit]

When merchants open a store on Storenvy, their products are also featured on the Storenvy Marketplace, combining the aspects of a store builder and a marketplace.[2]

Pop-up store[edit]

In cooperation with Storefront Inc., Storenvy leased retail space in Downtown San Francisco and made it available to member merchants as a pop-up store. Five online sellers at a time can set up a physical shop there for one month, after which they are replaced by five other sellers.[3]


In January 2014, the company announced it would begin collecting a percentage of sales made on the Marketplace section of the site. Custom Store sales would remain free. This change would allow the company to become profitable, according to Fox Business News.[1]


Jon Crawford, founder and CEO, first had the idea for the business in 2008, while running a web design and development agency in Kansas City, Missouri.[4] He thought there should be an easier way for people to set up their own stores online.[5] He initially ran the business out of his garage. In 2010, he launched the store builder that would become known as Storenvy.[4] In early 2011, the company raised a seed round of $1.53 million.[6] In late 2012, the Storenvy Marketplace launched with over 35,000 brands. Shortly thereafter, the company raised a Series A round, bringing total funding to over $6.5 million.


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