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Benkid77 Storeton Transmitter 310509.JPG
Storeton transmitting tower, May 2009
Storeton transmitting station is located in Merseyside
Storeton transmitting station
Storeton transmitting station (Merseyside)
Tower height 45 metres (148 ft)
Coordinates 53°21′00″N 3°01′52″W / 53.3499°N 3.03117°W / 53.3499; -3.03117Coordinates: 53°21′00″N 3°01′52″W / 53.3499°N 3.03117°W / 53.3499; -3.03117
Grid reference SJ314841
Built 1980
Relay of Winter Hill (1980-present)
Moel-y-Parc (2009-present)
BBC region BBC North West (1980-present)
BBC Wales (2009-present)
ITV region ITV Granada (1980-present)
ITV Wales (2009-present)

Storeton transmitting station[1] (also commonly known as Storeton transmitter[2]) is a television relay and radio transmitter and mast on Storeton Ridge, Higher Bebington, Wirral, UK (national grid reference: SJ314841).[3] It is a relay of Winter Hill and the only Winter Hill relay to carry all five analogue TV channels prior to digital switchover.[3] The 45 metre-high (150 ft-high) mast is situated at an elevation of 65.5 metres (215 ft). Thus, the top of the mast has an overall height of 110.5 metres (363 ft) above sea level. Construction of the mast was completed in 1980.[4] As of 2009, the transmitter serves approximately 45,000 homes.[5]


The Storeton relay was not an original VHF 405-line transmitter.[6] For 625-line analogue services on UHF, the relay covers Winter Hill blind spots in populated areas of Wirral and across the Mersey in south Liverpool. Prior to switchover, all five analogue channels and all six digital multiplexes are broadcast from the relay.[3] Being a relay of Winter Hill, the transmitter is in the BBC North West and ITV Granada TV regions. The radio station Heart North West and Wales also broadcasts from the site.

Although situated in England, the site is within eight miles of the North Wales coast. In conjunction with North Wales' digital switchover in November 2009, the transmitter also began to serve as a relay of Moel-y-Parc,[7] carrying Welsh services to nearby parts of North East Wales, across the River Dee. In official OFCOM documentation[7] the transmitter is listed as Storeton Wales for this purpose. Parts of those areas were previously poorly served with Welsh television services from Moel-y-Parc due to local geography.

The final switchover date for the Winter Hill relay was 2 December 2009. The final date for the Moel-y-Parc relay was 25 November 2009, although the signal was altered a third time on 2 December with limited publicity.[8]

Services available[edit]

The tower as seen from a distance, December 2001

Analogue radio[edit]

Frequency kW Service
97.1 MHz 1 KW Capital North West & North Wales

Digital television[edit]

Frequency UHF kW Operator BBC region ITV region System
482.000 MHz 22 0.56 BBC B North West Granada DVB-T2
490.000 MHz 23 0.56 SDN DVB-T
506.000 MHz 25 0.56 Digital 3&4 Granada DVB-T
514.000 MHz 26 0.56 Arqiva A DVB-T
530.000 MHz 28 0.56 BBC A North West DVB-T
538.000 MHz 29 0.56 Arqiva B DVB-T
730.000 MHz 53 2 Digital 3&4 † Wales DVB-T
762.000 MHz 57 2 BBC A † Wales DVB-T
786.000 MHz 60 2 BBC B † Wales Wales DVB-T2

† Horizontally polarised.

Before switchover[edit]

Frequency UHF kW Operator
490.166 MHz 23+ 0.056 SDN (Mux A)
514.166 MHz 26+ 0.056 BBC (Mux B)
538.166 MHz 29+ 0.056 Arqiva (Mux C)
546.166 MHz 30+ 0.056 BBC (Mux 1)
570.166 MHz 33+ 0.056 Arqiva (Mux D)
578.166 MHz 34+ 0.056 Digital 3&4 (Mux 2)

Analogue television[edit]

Frequency UHF kW Service
479.25 MHz 22 2.8 BBC One
503.25 MHz 25 2.8 ITV1
527.25 MHz 28 2.8 BBC Two
559.25 MHz 32 2.8 Channel 4
615.25 MHz 39 2.8 Channel 5

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