Stories from a Blue Room

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Stories from a Blue Room
Albumwb lg.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedMarch 2006
GenrePop, Hard Rock
LabelPlanet Sweet Records
ProducerNeil Kernon

Stories from a Blue Room is Pamela Moore's third full-length solo album, released under Planet Sweet Records in 2006. It features songs written by Moore and Benjamin Anderson.

The album is a mix of hard rock, pop and electronica with dark rock tracks like "Dive into Me" and "Satisfied" and softer ballads like as "Forever in My Dreams".

All songs were recorded and mixed at Sonic Ranch Studios in Texas and Robert Lang Studios in Seattle, Washington.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Get Off (American Way)"
  2. "Satisfied"
  3. "Ordinary Day"
  4. "Forever In My Dreams"
  5. "Dive Into Me"
  6. "Deeper"
  7. "Feel Your Heart"
  8. "Eyes Wide Open"
  9. "Cross My Heart"
  10. "Complicated"
  11. "Take Me Down"


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