Storlien Station

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Storliens station.JPG
Location StorlienÅre
Coordinates 63°18′59″N 12°5′57″E / 63.31639°N 12.09917°E / 63.31639; 12.09917
Elevation 600 metres (2,000 ft)
Owned by Jernhusen
Operated by SJ
Norwegian State Railways
Veolia Transport
Line(s) Central Line
Meråker Line
Distance 105.97 km (65.85 mi) (Trondheim S)
358 km (222 mi) (Sundsvall)
748.1 km (464.8 mi) (Stockholm C)
Architect Adolf W. Edelsvärd
Other information
Station code Str
Opened 1882

Storlien Station (Swedish: Storlien station, Norwegian: Storlien stasjon) is a railway station located at Storlien in Åre Municipality, Sweden. Located 3.5 kilometres (2.2 mi) east of the Norway–Sweden border, it serves as the name-change between the Norwegian Meråker Line and the Swedish Central Line (the exact name-change place and the ownership border is the national border). The altitude is 592 metres (1,942 ft), the highest located station in Sweden. The village of Storlien is primarily a ski resort.

Services to Storlien include Norwegian State Railways operating from Trondheim Central Station and Norrtåg operating via Östersund Central Station to Sundsvall Central Station. The station is 105.97 kilometres (65.85 mi) from Trondheim, 358 kilometres (222 mi) from Sundsvall and 748.1 kilometres (464.8 mi) from Stockholm. While the Swedish railway to Storlien is electrified, the Norwegian section is not. Thus all service to Norway must be by diesel train.

Preceding station Line Following station
Kopperå Meråker Line Terminus
Terminus Central Line Enafors
Preceding station Regional trains Following station
Kopperå   HeimdalStorlien   Terminus
Terminus Storlien–Sundsvall C (Norrtåg) Enafors