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Industry Computer games
Founded 1997 [1]
Defunct April 2008
Headquarters Budapest, Hungary
Products Rush for Berlin
Codename: Panzers

StormRegion was a Hungarian computer game developer, best known for the games Rush for Berlin, and Codename: Panzers. They also have built their own game engine called Gepard: 3D with tools. In 2007 it was acquired by the German company 10tacle Studios AG. After a financially unstable 10tacle Studios AG. ceased to pay salaries in April 2008, StormRegion lost its employees and was forced to close its Budapest office.

In 2006, StormRegion initiated a lawsuit against Mithis Entertainment, claiming that former StormRegion developers who quit the company and joined Mithis have stolen sourcecode from the StormRegion engine.[3][4] Considering that one of them was never connected with Mithis, in any way, the lawsuit seems to be at least partly unfounded.

The name "Stormregion" is an approximate translation of the Hungarian term "viharsarok" ("storm corner"), a historical name for south-east (e.g. Békés county) of Hungary.

In 2015 some Stormregion employees (like Peter Bajusz, Attila Banki-Horvath (they made S.W.I.N.E.) Created new company named "Kite Games"

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