Storm Weather Shanty Choir

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Storm Weather Shanty Choir is a 6-man sea shanty choir from Stord, an island on the west coast of Norway. They were formed in 2000, by shantyman Håkon Vatle, and used to introduce themselves as "the roughest, toughest and youngest boy band in Norway, singing 150 years old cover songs".

They have played more than 200 concerts both domestic and abroad, including in the United States and Switzerland. In 2011 they are also going to Japan.


  • Håkon Vatle - shantyman and acoustic guitar
  • Ronny Sætre - baryton and percussion
  • Rune Nesse - bass and percussion
  • Vidar Vedå - bass og «karaoke machine» (He holds posters with lyrics)
  • Roald Kaldestad - lyrical tenor, mandolin, guitar
  • Gisle Østrem - lyrical tenor, concertina


  • 2002 - Cheer Up Me Lads!
  • 2004 - Off to Sea Once More
  • 2005 - Let Us Be Jolly and Drown Melancholy!
  • 2009 - Way Hey (And Away We'll Go)
  • 2013- A Drop of Nelson's Blood


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