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Map of the Stormont Estate showing the location of prominent buildings

The Stormont Estate is an estate east of Belfast in County Down, Northern Ireland. It is the site of Northern Ireland's main government buildings, which are surrounded by woods and parkland.

Lying within the townland of Ballymiscaw, Stormont was originally the estate of a Rev. John Cleland. It was named after a district in Perthshire and comes from the Gaelic Stoirmhonadh, "place for crossing the mountains".[1]

Stormont Estate is now home to the Stormont Parkrun, a free, weekly, 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) timed run.[2]

Building Image About
Castle Buildings Castle Buildings, Stormont Estate - - 1393935.jpg Headquarters of the Executive Office, Department of Health and Department of Justice. The complex is notable for its use as the location of the negotiations surrounding the Belfast Agreement.
Dundonald House Dundonald House - 3724956 f8d69b20.jpg Headquarters of the Northern Ireland Civil Service, Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs and Northern Ireland Prison Service.
Craigantlet Buildings Headquarters of the Department of Finance.
Maynard Sinclair Pavilion Stormont (cricket ground).jpg Home to the Northern Ireland Civil Service Sports and Social Club.
Parliament Buildings StormontGeneral.jpg Seat of the Northern Ireland Assembly. (Usually referred to as Stormont.)
Stormont Castle Stormont Castle - - 964434.jpg Seat of the Northern Ireland Executive.
Stormont House Stormont House.jpg Headquarters of the Northern Ireland Office. (Also known as Speakers House.)

Stormont regulations[edit]

The regulations governing the use of the Stormont estate are displayed at its entrance. These were initially enacted on 31 October 1933, in an order by the Ministry of Finance. These were eventually amended and the regulations currently in force are:

  • The Stormont Estate Regulations, 1933
  • The Stormont Estate Amendment Regulations (Northern Ireland), 1951
  • The Stormont Estate Amendment Regulations (Northern Ireland), 1958


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