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United Kingdom
Name: Stornoway
Owner: Jardine Matheson
Builder: Alexander Hall and Sons, Aberdeen
Launched: 1850
Fate: Wrecked at the mouth of the Thames, 7 June 1873, on the Kentish Knock
General characteristics
  • 595 old measurement
  • 527 new measurement[1]
Length: 157.8 ft (48.1 m)[1]
Beam: 28.8 ft (8.8 m)[1]
Draught: 17.8 ft (5.4 m)[1]
Depth: 17.8 ft (5.4 m)[1]
Sail plan: fully rigged ship[1]

Stornoway was a British tea clipper built in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1850. She was owned by Jardine Matheson, and sold to Mackay & Co., London, in 1861. She is famous for her race with the clipper Chrysolite.[2][3] During her lifetime the Stornoway was commanded by various Masters:[4]

Date 1850-53 1853-62 1863-64 1865-68 1869-72 1872-73
Name Capt. John Robertson Capt. H. L. Hart Capt. Watson Capt. Tomlins Capt. J. Waugh Capt. G. Greener

In 1867 she was sold to Welch & Co., Newcastle, and in 1871 was again sold to R. Chapman, Newcastle. She was wrecked at the mouth of the Thames, 7 June 1873, on the Kentish Knock.[4]


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