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For the island near Nuuk also known as 'Storø', see Qeqertarsuaq Island (Nuuk).
Storo is located in Greenland
Location Scoresby Sound
Greenland Sea
Coordinates 70°48′57″N 27°30′28″W / 70.81583°N 27.50778°W / 70.81583; -27.50778Coordinates: 70°48′57″N 27°30′28″W / 70.81583°N 27.50778°W / 70.81583; -27.50778
Area 198.3 km2 (76.6 sq mi)
Coastline 63.3 km (39.33 mi)
Highest elevation 1,770 m (5,810 ft)
Municipality Sermersooq
Population 0

Storo (Danish: Storø, meaning 'Big island') is an uninhabited island in the Scoresby Sound fjord, Sermersooq Municipality, eastern Greenland.


Roughly triangular in shape, Storo lies to the SW of Renland and is separated by the Snesund from the NW shore of Milneland. The small Sorte Island lies off its southern point. The island lies between the Ofjord to the north and the Rode Fjord to the west; the mouths of the Hare Fjord and the Rype Fjord are off its northwestern end. The island has an area of 198.3 km² and a shoreline of 63.3 kilometres.[1] Storo has an ultra prominent mountain of 1,770 metres (5,810 ft) in height.[2]

Currently, the Canadian public company Greenland Resources Inc [3] holds the mineral rights for Storø and is conducting advance exploration programs to evaluate the economic feasibility of building a gold mine.

Map of NE Greenland and Iceland.

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