Story Untold

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Story Untold
Studio album by Miz
Released 22 September 2004
Genre Pop, Rock
Label Victor Entertainment
Producer Tord Backstrom
Miz chronology
Story Untold
Say It's Forever
(2004)Say It's Forever2004

Story Untold is Miz's first album. The first pressings included "Say It's Forever" as a bonus CD. It was released in Sweden. All the songs are in English. She's A Freak is the only song on the album that hasn't been used on some other release and it doesn't have a Japanese version. The instrumentation of Dreams used here is a bit different from the one used in Say It's Forever.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Amazing"
  2. "Story Untold"
  3. "Backseat Baby"
  4. "You Can Do Anything (Ordinary Girl)"
  5. "She's A Freak"
  6. "Not You"
  7. "Waiting"
  8. "Strong"
  9. "Dreams"
  10. "Can't Hold Back My Tears"