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The Story of Evil (Japanese: 悪ノ物語, Hepburn: Aku no Monogatari) is a series of music videos using Yamaha's Vocaloid vocal synthesizer software. It is a collection of 12 songs in the series that focuses on Vanity & Pride (in its negative & positive connotation) of the Seven Deadly Sins. Other, less dark themes in the series include Love, Pity, Forgiveness, and Friendship.


The series was written using the Vocaloid software and references various Vocaloid and Utau mascots. Originally the series only focused more on the Crypton Future Media Vocaloids, however as the storyline progressed, Vocaloids from other studios were introduced from Zero-G Ltd, AH Software and Internet Co., Ltd.. The first song of the series, "Daughter of Evil", did not gain much attention when it was uploaded to Nico Nico Douga on April 6, 2008. It was until a few weeks later when the second song of the series, "Servant of Evil (悪ノ召使 Aku no Meshitsukai)", was uploaded it did gain popularity among the Nico Nico Douga users.

The following month a song sung by Rin, "Regret Message (リグレットメッセージ Riguretto Messeeji)" was released, followed by a song sung by Len, "Re_birthday (Zenmai-Jikake no Komoriuta 3)". The release of the song Daughter of White (白ノ娘 Shiro no Musume) on Jan 6, 2010, made it a widely accepted theory and many fans interpret that the song connects these songs to the series. It's been debated on whether Regret Message and Re_Birthday are part of the series, however Akuno-P has just mentioned that it is up to each fan's interpretation and has not officially taken them in the series. However, according to a promo given out on the official page of the novel "Daughter of Evil, Cloiture of Yellow" (悪ノ娘 黄のクロアテュール Aku no Musume Ki no Kuroatyuuru), which is written by mothy and was released on August 10, 2010, "Regret Message" is in the series.[1]

A Theater Play event, based on the songs and the backstory written by mothy on his blog, was shown in Japan during the month of January. An extra song, "Twiright Prank" (トワイライトプランク Towairaito Puranku), composed by mothy and sung by Shimoda Asami, was used in the play. Shimoda Asami, the voice actress which the voices of Kagamine Rin and Len was borrowed from, did a cover of the first three songs in the series. Later "Twiright Prank" was covered by Rin and Len.

"The Daughter of Evil", "The Servant of Evil", and "Regret Message" are in mothy's album Evils Theater. "The Daughter of White" is in mothy's albums prelude to forest and EVILS FOREST. "Twiright Prank" is in EVILS FOREST. The entire series is included in Aku no Oukoku ~Evils Kingdom~. On August 14, 2016, album Lucifenia Trinity was released, features 3 new song: A Hero's Armor is Always Crimson (英雄の鎧は常に紅く Eiyuu no Yoroi wa Tsune ni Akaku), Neomaria of the Inverted Gravestone (逆さ墓標のネオマリア Sakasa Bohyou no Neomaria and Swear an Oath on that Bridge (あの橋に誓って Ano Hashi ni Chikatte). On September 21, 2016, the song about King Arth, That King was Born from Mud (彼の王は泥より生まれた Ka no Ou wa Doro Yori Umareta)released in the EXIT TUNES' compilation album Vocalocreation.

Plot overview[edit]

This is a basic plot story which Akuno-P wrote for the songs in the series before he created "Daughter of Evil" and gave out on his blog. He organized the plot into 8 chapters, depicted chapter1, 4, 6, and 7 in "Daughter of Evil" and depicted chapter2, 3, and 5 in "Servant of Evil".[2] Later, he announced he wrote another plot story with more detailed storyline and settings which are based on this.[3]

Chapter 1 - Daughter of Evil[edit]

"Once upon a time there was a kingdom. A wise king who built the kingdom in his lifetime was taken with illness and a queen of the sweet voice, who was his wife, ruled the land instead of him. She governed for the betterment of people, rather better than him, and the kingdom enjoyed prosperity. Although her reign continued after his death, she suffered from the same affliction and died. The one left behind was her "only daughter", who was brought up in comfort, having great-flamboyant furniture, a beautiful and fine horse and a servant who looked like her and was willing to do whatever she wanted. She took her mother's place and reigned the kingdom. However, she wasn't a valley girl at all and her dominion was far from good. She imposed heavy taxes on the people and purged the ones who did not abide by her orders. Gradually people came to call the country as "the kingdom of evil and cruelty" and the princess as "daughter of evil"."

Chapter 2 - A Mighty Famine Strikes[edit]

Substantially "daughter of evil" was at the position of a queen, however, out of deference to her mother the queen she decided she would rule the kingdom as a princess and would not take over the throne until she came of age. One day, a mighty famine suddenly struck the kingdom and many people lost their lives for hunger except some haves. Some lieges told her how people were impoverished and offered their opinions to provide relief for them, but she just said, "If they don't have bread, they had better eat cake!" (a reference to the apocryphal line supposedly spoken by Marie Antoinette; "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche")[4]

Chapter 3 - A Feud Between A Swordswoman And The Princess[edit]

Since then, there was no one who offered one's opinion to the princess except a loyal subject who had served since her mother's period of rule. He was called "a commander of royal guards who has a name of lion". He was the only man that remonstrated with her and offered counsel to her to help the people. He was also a hero who had saved the kingdom before and still hold on power. Finally he and lieges who supported him unilaterally made a decision to save the people from hunger. The princess got angry because the meals at the royal palace became meager and the things went on behind her back. One night, she had the commander to come to her own room in the palace. On the next morning, there was his dead body at a riverside on the fringe of the kingdom and beside it "the servant who looked like the princess" stood. He said, "No one can disobey her now." A few hours later, "a girl in red clothes" was dissolved in tears by the dead body. She secretly vowed revenge against the princess for her father.[5]this was the beginnings of a rebellion against the queen.

Chapter 4 - Jealousy And A War[edit]

The fierce princess was in love with "a man of blue", who was a prince of a kingdom across the sea. She sent out her liege to propose marriage, however, he replied "I have the one whom I love in the land of green. So I cannot marry you." The princess got furious with jealousy and thought to kill "the woman of green whom he loved", but she did not know who she was. One day, she called away a minister and ordered in a quiet voice; "If you cannot find out the woman of green, destroy all the land of green". The war between two countries broke out overnight. Many houses were burnt and many people lost their lives. People suffered and mourned, however, the princess would not know it and kept living in the palace with grace as always; "Oh, it's tea time" was her favorite words.[6]

Chapter 5 - What Happened To Blue And Green[edit]

Pathetically, the land of green was destroyed. However, the woman of green (later named Michaela) was still alive because "the servant who looked like the princess" had hidden her in a well, which had protected her from fires. He was also in love with her. He was thinking that since the princess did not know the woman's face, it would be better to take her to where "the man of blue" was after things were settled down and the princess would not try to destroy the kingdom where the one whom she loved lived. One day the princess handed over a small glass bottle to the servant. When the princess wanted to ask something important to him, she always did that way without saying directly and orally. It had become a habit since the servant had told her a legend. And what was written on a parchment which he took out of the bottle was "Liquidate her". "The man of blue" found the one whom he loved had become dead and cold in the well. He secretly vowed revenge against the princess.

Chapter 6 - A Rebellion[edit]

The people abruptly rose in rebellion against the princess of evil. They were led by "a swordswoman in a red armor" and "a man with a mask and blue hair" . The anger of "the woman of red", "the man of blue" and the people covered the entire kingdom and the rebellious troops defeated the royal army which had severalfold men under. Fortunately for the troops that the army was impoverished by the recent war, they surrounded the royal palace, and all the ministers and servants ran away. The one left behind was pretty, lily and cruel "daughter of evil". When she was almost captured, she shouted "You, insolent fellow!". The princess was arrested at last and that was the end of the kingdom.[7]

Chapter 7 - The Last Moment[edit]

The execution of the princess was decided to be conducted. "She" was put in a jail and no one knew what "she" was thinking. People gathered to a square where a guillotine was ready. "Oh it's tea time!" This "The daughter of evil" said before bells of the church rang and a blade fell. The execution was conducted, "the daughter of evil" was dead and everything was over.[8]

Chapter 8 - Epilogue[edit]

Few days after the execution a rumor circulated, which told that the one who had been killed on that day was a scapegoat and the princess was still alive. In a town, at a harbor, the one who stood, hiding oneself from prying eyes, was the princess disguised as the servant; "I'm sorry…Allen". The "daughter of evil" took a piece parchment and stuck it in a bottle and let it into the sea. Written on it was her wish. That one day she would meet Allen again, And that they would be twins. This is a story of once upon a time.[9]


The Daughter of Evil: Clôture of Yellow (悪ノ娘 黄のクロアテュール), is the first novel in the series written by Akuno-P(mothy), and was released on August 10, 2010 by PHP Books.[10][11] On his blog, mothy announced that the novel is basically based on the songs he wrote and the plot story he offered for the theater play. The storyline is different in several respects and there are some differences in settings.[12] Most of personages' names are the same as those used in the play ("Riliane", "Allen", etc.) and more characters appear in the novel. The illustrations are drawn by Ichika, Yunomi-P and 憂.

The Daughter of Evil: Wiegenlied of Green (悪ノ娘 緑のヴィーゲンリート), the second novel, was released on February 24, 2011.[13] The cover illustration is drawn by Suzunosuke. The novel included an omake with an original story: The Daughter of Evil: Novelette of White (悪ノ娘 白のノヴェレッテ), illustrated by CAFFEIN.

Entr'acte of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Worldguide (悪ノ間奏曲 悪ノ娘ワールドガイド) the first databook, was released on August 30, 2011. Included documents such a detailed timelines, character chart and color designs, a large number of illustrations and 3 original stories: The Adventure of a Boy and a Girl (少年と少女の冒険), Twiright Prank (トワイライトプランク) and The Daughter of Evil: Retrouver of Silver (悪ノ娘 銀のルトルーヴェ). The cover illustration is drawn by 憂.

The Daughter of Evil: Praeludium of Red (悪ノ娘 赤のプラエルディウム), the third novel, was released on December 23, 2011. The cover illustration is drawn by Kitano Tomotoshi, with 8 other illustrators participating on illustrating the third novel.

The Daughter of Evil: Praefacio of Blue (悪ノ娘 青のプレファッチオ), the final novel, was released on March 23, 2012. The cover illustration is drawn by Kitano Tomotosh].

Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, the second databook, was released on August 25, 2012. in celebration, PHP Books prepared a campaign in which 5,000 random copies (including the previous releases) that were sold on its release date had a distinctive logo on the obi, and those who have it will receive an original CD with 4 exclusive songs by Akuno-P. The deadline to apply is set on May 31, 2012, while its shipping will be at the end of June.

'The Daughter of Evil Schedule Book 2013, the third databook, is a compendium of information regarding The Daughter of Evil series, released on December 16, 2012. It contains detailed information for all the characters in the series as well as calendars, schedules, and illustrations.The Schedule Book is intended to act as a pocket guide for all material in The Daughter of Evil novel series as well as have miscellaneous other functions.While the Schedule Book holds detailed information about the characters like the two databooks preceding it, it is not complemented by any short stories.

Plot Summary[edit]

Note: the storyline is mostly as same as the basic plot story. More detailed settings and hidden stories are written.
A vast kingdom called Lucifenia, whose popular name was the "Kingdom of Yellow", was ruled by a tyrannical princess named Riliane, a fourteen-year-old. Under her absolute monarchism, everything was exploited from people and the ones who did not obey her were executed without mercy. Allen, a servant who looked like her, was always beside the princess who was called "Daughter of Evil" by the people. The Servant and Princess were the same age, as they were secretly twins. The princess's selfishness caused a war and many deaths, and their secret gear of fate was going to spin madly. This entire story takes place in EC Year 500.


The below are the characters who appear in the novel. Some of the characters and settings are different from the basic plot story Akuno-P wrote before.[14][15]

  • Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche (Rin Kagamine): "Daughter of Evil". She is a princess of Lucifenia. She does not remember that Allen is her twin brother, due to the side effects of a spell cast on her by the Court Sorceress, Elluka Clockworker. "d'Autriche" means "of Austria" in French. She later changes her name to 'Rin' after the revolution and works as a nun in the Held Monastery on the coast of Elphegort.
  • Allen Avadonia (Len Kagamine): "Servant of Evil". He is a chamberlain who serves the princess, acting incognito. Leonhart Avadonia is his adopted father and Germaine is his adopted sister. He is the twin brother of Riliane, however, he cannot reveal this. Real name: Alexiel Lucifen d'Autriche
  • Germaine Avadonia (MEIKO): "Swordswoman in Red Armor". She lives in the castle town of Lucifenia. Her adoptive father is Leonhart Avadonia and her adoptive brother is Allen Avadonia. She comes from the Conchita bloodline(referencing Evil Food Eater Conchita, taking place 200 years prior in EC Year 325) which is tainted by the Venomania bloodline(referencing Lunacy of Duke Venomania, taking place 400 years prior in EC Year 136-EC Year 137)
  • Michaela (Miku Hatsune): "Girl of the Kingdom of Green". A young woman who works for Keel Freesis, the great merchant, as a maid in the country of Elphegort. She is known to be beautiful, gentle, friendly and beloved by everyone. She has a beautiful singing voice, taught by Elluka Clockworker.. She is not human; rather, she is a robin spirit from the Thousand-Year Forest given human form by Elluka at the request of the Earth God, Held.
  • Kyle Marlon (KAITO): "King of the Blue Kingdom". In the basic plot story he is a prince of an unnamed kingdom but appears as a king of the Marlon Kingdom in the novel. He is a fiance of the princess. His mother is the Dowager Queen Prim Marlon(Prima), and he has thirteen sisters. Most of his brothers, save for Arkatoir, were killed.
  • Clarith (Haku Yowane): "Daughter of White". She works for Keel Freesis as a maid and best friends with Michaela. She's an outcast in her home, Yatski Village, because she was born with albinism. It often resulted in beatings and punishments from the villagers until the death of her mother, where Michaela convinced her to move to Capital Aceid.
  • Chartette Langley (Teto Kasane): A lady's maid who serves the princess. She is a childhood friend of Allen and is a chimera. Though she looks like she's fifteen, her real age is closer to thirty. She's known to have superhuman strength, and is very clumsy.
  • Ney Futapie (Neru Akita): A lady's maid who serves the princess. She blurts whatever comes into her loose mouth. Ney is really the daughter of the Queen of Marlon, working as a spy in the kingdom of Lucifenia.
  • Leonhart Avadonia (Leon): "Commander of Royal Guard" of Lucifenia. He is one of "Three Heroes" and was killed by his adoptive son, Allen Avadonia. He has two adoptive children; Allen and Germaine.
  • Mariam Futapie (Miriam): "Head of Lady's Maids" of Lucifenia. She is good at cloak-and-dagger activity and also one of "Three Heroes". Ney Futapie is her adopted daughter.
  • Elluka Clockworker (Luka Megurine): "Capricious Sorceress". She is a court sorceress of Lucifenia and also one of "Three Heroes," however, there is more to this character than meets the eye. A five-hundred-year-old sorceress, she's on a quest to collect and cleanse the Seven Deadly Sins at the request of the God, Held.
  • Gast Venom (Gackpo Camui): He is called "Demon of Asmodean". He is a mighty free companion and leads a mercenary force named "Asmodean Company". Asmodean is a name of a country which once fought for supremacy against Lucifenia. His bloodline has been tainted by the Venomania Bloodline(referencing Lunacy of Duke Venomania)
  • Gumillia (Gumi): She is regarded as one of "Next Three Heroes" and is an apprentice of Elluka, as well as a friend of Michaela. Like Michaela, she is a forest spirit given human form by Elluka. Her original form was that of a chipmunk. Unlike Michaela's hyper self, Gumillia is known to be stoic and awkward.
  • Keel Freesis (Kiyoteru Hiyama): "Great Merchant" who lives in Elphegort. He is an immigrant from the Marlon Kingdom and a friend of Kyle Marlon. He believes strictly in the Eldoh Sect of Levin.
  • Yukina Freesis (Kaai Yuki): She's the nine-year-old daughter of Keel Freesis, and often finds herself in trouble for bullying other kids. Yukina's proved very intelligent, even writing a series of novels. What she really wants is to find the truth on the Story of Evil and turn it into a novel.
  • Mikina Freesis (SF-A2 Miki): An aristocrat from Marlon who married Keel and is commonly referred to as Mrs. Freesis.
  • Shou Freesis (Shouta Tsukiyomi): Yukina's brother. He is the eldest son of the Freesis family.
  • Aile Freesis (Ai Tsukiyomi): Yukina and Shou's sister. She is the youngest daughter of the Freesis family.
  • Prim Marlon (Prima): The mother of Ney and Kyle and the one who truly controls Marlon. She manipulated Lucifenia into a war so that she could take it over once it was weakened.
  • Riliane Mouchet (Lily): Former commander of the bastion army of the Lucifenian Retasan territory. She dislikes to be called by her real name, which is similar to the name of "The Daughter of Evil", but prefers to be called by her nickname "Lily".

Theater Play[edit]

Daughter of Evil ~Gemini of Charm~[edit]

A Theater Play event, entitled Daughter of Evil ~Gemini of Charm~ (悪ノ娘~凄艶のジェミニ~, Aku no Musume ~Seien no Jiemini~), opened from January 27, 2010 to January 31, 2010 by X-QUEST. Beyond background tracks for the play, it features covers of the velvet mixes of Akuno-P's three songs by Shimoda Asami, the voice actress who had lent her voice for Kagamine Rin and Len, and a new song called "Twiright Prank", composed by mothy and performed by Shimoda Asami. The original soundtrack, which includes instrumental songs used in the play and the four vocal songs, was released on February 3, 2010.[16]

The script was written by Hidekatsu Tokunaga, a host of the play and also a member of X-QUEST, with his own interpretation based on the plot story which Akuno-P offered for the play. Unlike in the songs, in which the characters are not named (fans usually assign the characters names depending on the singer Vocaloid), each character is given a unique name by Akuno-P; for instance, the princess is "Riliane", the servant is "Allen", Kaito's character is "Kyle", and Miku's character is "Michaela". However, there are many differences between storylines and settings by Akuno-P and those by Hidekatsu Tokunaga. Akuno-P was not involved with the script's writing in any way and the song "Daughter of White" had not been created yet when it was written.[17][18] Also a lot of Hidekatsu Tokunaga's original parodies and episodes are added to the script.[19][20][21][22]

God of Evil[edit]

Another Theater Play event, entitled God of Evil (悪ノ神, Aku no Kami), was held on April 11, 2010 by Drama Group Brioche. Drama Group Brioche was established by fans to make a theater play of the three songs in the series.[23] The Drama Group Brioche made a big success in God of Evil or ' xxx of Evil ' in short. It had been sold to many countries worldwide.

Song List[edit]

  1. "Daughter of Evil": The first song of the series, was released on April 6, 2008. It uses the voice of Kagamine Rin and details the basic story of a cruel princess (Riliane) ruling in a corrupt manner, using her servant (Allen) to order the fall of the green kingdom after the man she loves is found to be in love with a woman from there, and subsequently "being executed". Labeled as one of the Freesis Fables.
  2. "Servant of Evil": The second song of the series, released on April 29, 2008. It mainly uses the voice of Kagamine Len, though a small portion near the end of the song includes Rin's voice. It details the story of how the twins were separated when they were very small and how the only thing of Rin Len could ever see was her soft, kind side, and of how he met Michaela and fell in love with her, and eventually traded places with the princess to be executed. Before dying, he wishes they could be reborn and play together again. Labeled as one of the Freesis Fables.
  3. "Regret Message": The third of the series to be released (uploaded May 25, 2008), tells of Riliane's feelings a year after "Servant of Evil", related to the plot story which Akuno-P posted on his blog. Riliane realizes that it had been her own selfishness that had killed her brother, and the wish she made was for her and Allen to be reborn as twins again.
  4. "Daughter of White", the fourth song of the series, released on January 6, 2010. The official English title of the song by Akuno-P is "Bystander".[24] Unlike the previous songs sung by Rin and Len, this is sung by Yowane Haku using Hatsune Miku, detailing the events of the series from the viewpoint of a new character, which had never been mentioned before in the previous songs. The song details a viewpoint of a civilian of the country of green before, during, and after the war via scenes being shown. It's mothy's longest song, over eight minutes in length.
  5. "Twiright Prank" was originally composed by mothy for the Theater Play event. It was performed by Shimoda Asami. The song shows a small snapshot of the princess and servant's lives as small children, avoiding a mysterious "demon" in the twilight. The demon says she is hungry, and the two, having buried a chest in the sea, are running from her. The two decide to "split" day and night between each other, Riliane being "day" and Alexiel being "night". Alexiel eventually realizes the demon will be always hungry no matter what and decides to share his snack with the demon. In return, the demon tells Alexiel a secret about the ocean (an incomplete version of the legend of the glass bottle). Alexiel promises to later share this secret with Rilianne. Though he has already released its cover with Rin and Len on his "EVILS FOREST" album, he uploaded it on Nicovideo on August 3, 2010. The official English title of the song by Akuno-P is "Day and night".[24] He commented, on his blog, that he purposefully changed the spelling of "Twilight" to "Twiright" in the video he uploaded. Also he explained he did that because "right" means "correct" and "normal", "twi" carries the meaning of "twist", the ones who are performing it are "R"in and "L"en, and the prince gave a sweet to a "demon" while the princess did not in the song.[25]
  6. "Tree Maiden ~Millennium Wiegenlied~", the six song in the series. It's from the view of Michaela, the girl that Clarith finds unconscious in Daughter of White. It details more events and is second longest in the series. Michaela, who was a spirit, was transformed into a human by Elluka Clockworker. She is taken in by Clarith, and the two run away to a new village where they become servants. At a banquet, Michaela meets the "king from the country over the sea"(Kyle Marlon) This meeting sparks the fated war mentioned in the other songs, and ends with Michaela dying at the bottom of a well and wishing that she could be reborn, but she doesn't get to finish her sentence. It tells the truth of the lullaby that is heard throughout the chronicles(Lu li la/La lu li la la la/Lu li la lu li- la lu li lu li la) and how it's really a lullaby of destruction.
  7. "Handbeat Clocktower": This song happen 5 years after the events in Daughter of Evil in EC Year 505. It's sung by KAITO and Kaai Yuki. The song is from the view of Kyle Marlon, the king of the Kingdom of Marlon. In this song, it's revealed that the one who planned all the bad things in the Daughter of Evil is his mother, the Dowager Queen of Marlon, Prim Marlon. She is waiting in the Clocktower of the Castle of Hedgehog in the Kingdom of Marlon and laughing over everyone's sadness. Kyle considers her as a devil because of her cruelty. It also reveals Michaela's killer as Ney Futapie or Ney Marlon, Kyle's younger sister. She is mentioned as the 'Handbeat Clocktower' and Gretel's reincarnation. In the end of the song, it is seen that she killed Prim and holds possession of the Vessel of Gluttony (The Glass of Conchita). Kyle (along with Yukina) end this song by singing "In the top of the clocktower, you sit on a chair, decaying. Are you a devil or someone who I once called 'mother'?"
  8. Blink: It portrays Rin's personal reflection on the sapling Michaela as she inevitably grows into a very large tree. In the Millennium Tree Forest, a girl speculates that once a sapling has taken root, she’ll have become an adult; she also wonders if she’ll be alive by the time it becomes taller. She continues to imagine that, once the sapling has grown many leaves, the world will have changed even more than it already has, wondering if her sins will have been forgiven once the sapling becomes a tree. The girl notes how, to a tree, a millennium would be the blink of an eye and she prays to the tree for an eternity of peace.
  9. A Hero's Armor is Always Crimson: The knight Leonhart Avadonia is serving King Arth Lucifen d'Autriche, committing countless killing in his name. One day, he murders a noble woman and kidnaps her infant daughter. When looking at her clothes, he realizes that she's a Beelzenian princess and keeps her hoping to use her as a hostage one day. Five years later, he's given her the name Germaine and takes care of her as his own child thinking her to be foolish, not knowing the man she calls dad killed her parents. One day, he's a approached by the Marlon Espionage Task Force that has come to take the princess and use her political leverage. Leonhart considers giving her up, but When Germaine draws a blade to protect him, he changes his mind and fights of the Task force and decides to officially adopt Princess Zita Beelzenia as Germaine Avadonia.
  10. Neomaria of the Inverted Gravestone: A young girl named Neomaria had her family murdered by a witch, said witch took her as her guinea pig calling her "Prototype N". Turning her into a murder weapon without feelings, she one day makes a caravan disappear on her own. One day she's sent to kill a deserter from Beelzenia by the witch, and Neomaria obeys, and prepares to ambush him from a cliff. However, when she sees him, she becomes enamored with him and falls in love. The shock of feeling something for the first time causes her to loose her footing and fall from the cliff. When she regain consciousness, she's lost all her memories and the deserter seemingly treated her wounds. Recalling "maria" she decides to call herself "Mariam" and is picked up by a group of soldiers, one of them being a spy with the surname Futapie
  11. Swear an Oath on that Bridge: Elluka Clockworker, along with the other Three Heroes, Mariam Futapie and Leonhart Avadonia are going to the Sanosun Bridge to swear their allegiance to the King of Lucifenia, Arth Lucifen d'Autriche. While Elluka thinks about how bridges connects people's hearts as well as countries, she sees a bat in the sky and hears it sing the Clockwork Lullaby. After the four meet up at the bridge, they swear their loyalty to the country.
  12. That King was Born from Mud: A forest spirit named Lich molded a golem after the dead prince of Lucifenia, Arth Lucifenia d'Autriche. Despite not being an actual human, Arth still fight for his country with nothing but love in his heart. He eventually marries Lady Ann Swee who accepts him despite him not being human and though his love for her, he is finally able to concieve twin children.



The Daughter of Evil[edit]

An official serialization by the series most prominent illustrator, Ichika, began on February 17, 2015. It is currently planned to only be based on the two first novels. It also expands the story by showing certain events omitted in the novels, such as Riliane and Allen's first meeting. The manga has its own promotional website.[26]

It currently has four "acts" and has as far as Seven confirmed to be released in the future.


Comedy of Evil Project[edit]

The Comedy of Evil Project is a project dedicated to expanding upon events from Story of Evil in a satirical nature. It is composed of two serial manga adaptations with their first chapters released April 24, 2013. The manga portray the characters or events of the series through a humorous or exaggerated lens, satirizing events of the novels or the characters themselves. It has since ended circulation with its final chapters releasing on December 24, 2014.

The Servant of Evil[edit]

Japanese Monthly Magazine "Comic Rush" started a serialization of "Servant of Evil" with the illustrations provided by Nekoyama Miyao. The characters use the same names as their Vocaloid counterparts; such as "Rin" instead of "Riliane". The serialization began on September 25, 2010 in the November Issue.[27] There is only on volume currently released in Japan. The manga also has an official website.[28]

There is an official Youtube account created for the purpose of promoting the manga. To date, four videos have been uploaded, with three of them follow the storyline of "Story of Evil" with some added backgrounds. The language of the manga in the videos is Japanese.[29]

Song Themes[edit]

  • The Seven Deadly Sins

This is a set of songs, one that represents each sin and is also a contributor to the Story of Evil.

  1. Pride (positive and negative connotations)
  2. Despair
  3. Envy
  4. Gluttony
  5. Greed
  6. Lust
  7. Sloth
  8. Wrath

"Servant of Evil" and "Daughter of Evil"

Sung by Len and Rin respectively, these two songs both show Pride in its two different lights. One side shows self-important pride brimming with corruption, while the other side shows the other extreme, a selfless pride that brims with purity. Characters in the Story of Evil.

"The Daughter of White"

Sung by Yowane Haku, this song shows a girl's suffering and discrimination in the hands of her towns people because she is a Netsuma. Soon she meets a green-haired girl and befriends her. Then a king from a blue country visits and falls inlove with her friend, rejecting the yellow princess' proposal, The princess then was filled in jealousy causing a war killing Haku's only friend. Soon she goes in deep depression when she meets a yellow haired child. One night when Haku visits the confessional room, she hears her yellow haired friend claiming her sins which soon fills her with rage and despair. Characters - Clarith Netsuma (Yowane Haku), Her green haired friend - Michaela (Hatsune Miku), the blue king - Kyle Marlon (KAITO), yellow princess - Riliane Lucifen D'Autriche (Kagamine Rin).

"The Tailor of Enbizaka"

Sung by Luka, this song shows a woman's jealousy towards all women her husband comes in contact with by trying to emulate each woman by first killing her, then taking a prominent accessory or article of clothing. Characters - Kayo Sudou (Megurine Luka), Kai Miroku (KAITO), Mei Miroku (MEIKO), Miku Miroku (Hatsune Miku), Rin Miroku (Kagamine Rin), Gakuga Octo (Gackpo), Kokutan-douji (Kagamine Len).

"Evil Food Eater Conchita"

Sung by Meiko, this depicts a woman that is consumed by her desire to taste every food. She first starts with delicacies and culinary art but soon degrades to the evil foods when she runs out of delicious ones. Her desire to taste everything escalates even to the point of eating her own servants, and finally, herself. Characters - Banica Conchita (MEIKO), her servants - Arte and Pollo (Kagamine Rin & Len), her cook - Carlos Marlon (KAITO).

"Judgment of Corruption"

Sung by Kaito, this is about a (in)famous judge that would plead anyone 'not guilty' as long as they paid money. He was a man that was told if he gathered all seven sins, his wishes would be answered. For this he became the embodiment of Greed and is using his money to also try to grant his own wish. Characters - Gallerian Marlon (KAITO), his "daughter" Michelle Marlon (Hatsune Miku) - the doll. A Woman in the end - Master of the Hellish Yard (GUMI).

"The Lunacy of Duke Venomania"

Sung by Gackpo, this has a man that is able to seduce all women he wants to, and with this ability, he gathers all women he finds to create a harem to compensate for a childhood embarrassment that is revealed in the middle of the song. Characters - Sateriasis Venomania (Camui Gackpo), his general "lover" - Lukana Octo (Megurine Luka), Mikulia Greonio (Hatsune Miku), Gumina Glassred (GUMI) and Maylis Beelzenia (MEIKO). The Savior Karchess Crim (KAITO).

"Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep"

Sung by Miku, this is about a woman arranged in a marriage with a man she unconditionally loves but does not love her back. From a friend of hers she gets a recipe for a sleeping medicine that is supposed to relieve you of all stress and gives it to her husband. She gives it to everyone in the town and by the end of it, herself too. This "sleeping medicine" was in fact a powerful poison that actually killed the person who drank it, but makes the person seem asleep, inducing an eternal slumber. Characters - Margarita Blankenheim (Hatsune Miku), her husband - Kaspar Blankenheim (KAITO). Margarita's friend - Mayrana Blossom (MEIKO), The investigators - Hanne Lorre (Megurine Luka), Heidimarrie Lorre (GUMI).

"The Muzzle of Nemesis"

Sung by GUMI, this is about a woman who was forced to kill her lover, ordened by the master of the court (her own father), and wants now to revenge, deciding to kill her father. The song is related to "Judgment of Corruption" because of the characters (the real daughter of the judge was the murderer's sister and was killed by a giant pulp when the murderer was younger). Characters - Nemesis Sudou (GUMI) - Gallerian Marlon, the father of Nemesis (KAITO) - his daughter Michelle and the Clockworker doll (Hatsune Miku).


There have been a few new releases of the songs. One of them is the ACT2 version of the first two songs, which supposedly features an improved version of the Kagamine Rin and Len VOCALOID2 program (however, mothy believes these mixes to be inferior).

Another version includes the "velvet mixes" of "The Daughter of Evil", which were released on December 27, 2009, in celebration of Rin and Len's birthday. The two songs feature artwork from artists put together by mothy, which confirm certain elements in the plot. A "velvet mix" of "Regret Message" was released on mothy's album "prelude to forest".

The game "Project mirai" features both "The Daughter of Evil" and "The Servant of Evil" in their Append versions.

The Append version of "Servant of Evil" is also included in the album "Vocalogemini".

38 keywords are hidden in the original videos of "Daughter of Evil ~velvet mix~". Also the same number of lines are shown in that of "Servant of Evil ~velvet mix~". Each keyword and line can be a pair and if they are put together, there will be 38 dialogues of characters in the story, including characters who do not appear in the songs of the series. Those can be clue to interpret the story of "Daughter of Evil" series deeper.
Some examples (note that they are not in chronological order in the story): keywords hidden in Daughter of Evil ~velvet mix~ / "a line hidden in Servant of Evil~velvet mix~"

  • Power struggle among the Lieges / "One successor is enough"
  • Pure-hearted Assassin / "The children have no sins..."
  • Wim of a Sorceress / "No man can be any good"
  • Death of a Queen / "Knight the Lion, please take care of the child"
  • Mighty famine strikes / "All the people would die if this goes on!"
  • Childish conspiracy / "I'm pissed off! He really makes me pissed off!"
  • Commander of Royal Guard who has the name of Lion / ""
  • Deadbody at the riverside / "No one can disobey her now"
  • Girl in a red clothes / "No! Father! Father!"
  • Wish of one-thousand-year Tree / "I want someone to be my friend"
  • Maiden of Tree / "Who, are you?"
  • Green Purge / "Kill all the women with green hair!"
  • Loose-tongued Maid / "I heard it, I heard it♪"
  • Survived Heresy / "Why, why!?"
  • Lament of a King / "Revenge... revenge!"


Three albums were released for the Story of Evil: Evils Theater, Evils Forest, and Evils Kingdom. All three albums contain some of the main storyline songs, and also include other songs by mothy from other series such as The Clockwork Lullaby, Seven Deadly Sins, and Moonlit Bear.


This album was released in 2009 by mothy, and contains 4 of the major storyline songs: Aku no Musume (Daughter of Evil), Aku no Meshitukai (Servant of Evil), Regret Message. There are also 7 other songs on the disc that apply additional storyline elements, such as the Clockwork Lullaby series.

  • Songs list:
  1. The Daughter of Evil
  2. The Servant of Evil
  3. Wordplay
  4. Clockwork Lullaby
  5. Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night
  6. Miniature Garden Girl
  7. Evil Food Eater Conchita
  8. 10 Minutes of Love
  9. Regret Message
  10. Re_birthday
  11. South North Story

The Daughter of Evil ~Gemini of Charm~ Vocal and Soundtrack[edit]

This album was released by Akuno-P in conjunction with Kangaroo SUZUKI on February 3, 2010. It features twelve songs and song instrumentals from the musical play adaptation of The Daughter of Evil. The album's jacket was illustrated by Ichika.

  • Songs list:
  1. Introduction
  2. The Daughter of Evil (feat. Asami Shimoda)
  3. The People at the Royal Palace
  4. The Princess of the Yellow Kingdom
  5. The Servant of Evil (feat. Asami Shimoda)
  6. The Girl of the Green Kingdom
  7. The Blue Warrior
  8. The Red Revolutionary
  9. Twiright Prank (feat. Asami Shimoda)
  10. War Mayhem
  11. The Two Princesses
  12. Regret Message (feat. Asami Shimoda)

prelude to forest[edit]

Released on February 7, 2010. Announced at THE VOC@LOiD M@STER 11, it features seven songs along with a four page, fully colored booklet. The album's jacket was illustrated by Suzunosuke.

  • Songs list:
  1. Moonlit Bear
  2. Heartbeat Clocktower
  3. The Daughter of White
  4. The Frog's and My Love Romance
  5. The Daughter of Evil (velvet mix)
  6. The Servant of Evil (velvet mix)
  7. Regret Message (velvet mix)


  • Songs list:
  1. Welcome to the Forest (instrumental)
  2. Master of the Graveyard
  3. Moonlit Bear
  4. The Last Revolver
  5. Heartbeat Clocktower (forest version)
  6. The Tailor of Enbizaka
  7. The Lunacy of Duke Venomania
  8. To You of Few Words
  9. The Daughter of White
  10. Screws, Gears, and Pride
  11. Twiright Prank


Released by Akuno-P on December 22, 2010. Announced as the first full-length album by mothy, it features sixteen songs along with a twenty-two page, fully colored booklet. The album's jacket was illustrated by Ichika.

  • Songs list:
  1. Moonlit Bear
  2. Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night
  3. Chrono Story
  4. The Lunacy of Duke Venomania
  5. Evil Food Eater Conchita
  6. Twiright Prank
  7. The Daughter of Evil
  8. The Servant of Evil
  9. Regret Message
  10. The Daughter of White
  11. Re_birthday
  12. The Tailor of Enbizaka
  13. Judgment of Corruption
  14. Miniature Garden Girl
  15. Heartbeat Clocktower
  16. The Song that Resounds with Lu Li La, Lu Li La


Released by Akuno-P on August 13, 2011. It was first distributed at Comic Market 80 and features eleven songs along with a six page, fully colored booklet. The album's jacket was illustrated by Ichika.

  • Songs list:
  1. Five Minutes Before Court (instrumental)
  2. Master of the Court
  3. Chrono Story
  4. Recollective Musicbox
  5. Tree Maiden ~Millennium Wiegenlied~
  6. Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep
  7. Fifth Pierrot
  8. Madam Merry-Go-Round
  9. Judgment of Corruption
  10. Capriccio Farce
  11. Red Shoe Parade

Four Melodies of Evil ~The Daughter of Evil Novel Music Collection~[edit]

Released on March 23, 2012. Distributed in promotion of The Daughter of Evil: Praefacio of Blue, it features four songs. The album's jacket was illustrated by Ichika.

  • Songs list:
  1. The Daughter and Servant of Evil
  2. Tree Maiden ~Millennium Wiegenlied~
  3. Evil Food Eater of Beelzenia
  4. Handbeat Clocktower

The Daughter of Evil / The Servant of Evil Arrange Album -Scarlet Serenade-[edit]

released by Jounetsu-P on April 28, 2012. It primarily contains remakes of songs from Story of Evil but also includes song remakes from both the Seven Deadly Sins and Clockwork Lullaby Series.

  • Songs list:
  1. The Daughter of Evil -JazzWaltz version-
  2. The Servant of Evil -Classical version-   
  3. Regret Message -Ballad version-   
  4. Re_birthday -Acoustic version-   
  5. The Daughter of Evil -Tango version-   
  6. The Servant of Evil -Classical version II-   
  7. Princess of Loneliness(Performance Brioche Troupe『 The Daughter of Evil -one for two-』Song Insert)
  8. The Red Flower in The Yellow Castle -The Fall of the Princess-
  9. Regret Message -Primitive version-
  10. Re_birthday -Unplugged Dance MIX-   
  11. The Daughter of White -Arrange version-   
  12. The Servant of Evil -Piano Solo version-
  13. Maria -Blessing-(Performance Brioche Trope『悪ノ×××』Insert Song) (Bonus Track)
  14. Maria -Prayer-(Performance Brioche Trope『悪ノ×××』Insert Song)(Bonus Track)
  15. Evil Food Eater Conchita -Classical Techno version- (Bonus Track)

The Daughter of Evil: BGM Reading Collection[edit]

Released by Akuno-P in conjunction with Torabolta on February 17, 2014. It was distributed with the purchase of The Daughter of Evil: Act 1 manga from the Animate Online Shop and features three songs. Its jacket was illustrated by Mizutame Tori.

  • Songs list:
  1. The Daughter and Servant of Evil
  2. The Daughter of Evil (arranged version)
  3. The Servant of Evil (arranged version)

The Muzzle of Nemesis[edit]

Released by Akuno-P on August 17, 2014. It was distributed at Comic Market 86 and features ten songs.[1] The album's jacket was illustrated by Ichika.

  • Songs list:
  1. Master of the Hellish Yard
  2. The Muzzle of Nemesis
  3. The Last Revolver (Nemesis version)
  4. And Then the Girl Went Mad -Ending Tale on a Moonlit Night-
  5. The Journey of Two Mages ~Great Wall and Watchman~
  6. Blink
  7. Handbeat Clocktower
  8. Flower of the Plateau
  9. Blood-Stained Switch
  10. Watching Us

Seven Crimes and Punishments[edit]

Released by Akuno-P on February 25, 2015. Announced as the second full-length album by mothy, it features 15 songs and the limited edition includes a booklet and a story of the same name. The album's jacket was illustrated by Ichika.

  • Songs list:
  1. Seven Crimes and Punishments
  2. The Lunacy of Duke Venomania
  3. The Portrait Glassred Drew
  4. Evil Food Eater Conchita
  5. Drug of Gold
  6. The Daughter of Evil
  7. The Servant of Evil
  8. Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep
  9. Fifth Pierrot
  10. The Tailor of Enbizaka
  11. The Weathered Head at Onigashima
  12. Judgment of Corruption
  13. Miniature Garden Girl
  14. The Muzzle of Nemesis
  15. The Last Revolver

Lucifenia Trinity[edit]

released by Akuno-P on August 14, 2016. It was distributed at Comic Market 90 and features six tracks, three of which are instrumentals, and an eight page booklet. The album's jacket is illustrated by Ichika.

  • Songs list:
  1. A Hero's Armor is Always Crimson
  2. Neomaria of the Inverted Gravestone
  3. Swear an Oath on that Bridge
  4. A Hero's Armor is Always Crimson (Off Vocal version)
  5. Neomaria of the Inverted Gravestone (Off Vocal version)
  6. Swear an Oath on that Bridge (Off Vocal version)


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