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Story of Pao or Pao's Story (Vietnamese : Chuyện của Pao) is a 2006 Vietnamese movie.[1][2][3]

It stars Đỗ Thị Hải Yến who also starred in The Quiet American, and was directed and written by her husband Ngô Quang Hải. It is set among the Hmong people of North Vietnam, and won four Golden Kite Prizes (the Oscars of Vietnam).


  1. ^ Osian's Cinemaya the Asian film quarterly 2006 "This method has mixed success, and Pao's Story reveals both Ngo Quang Hai's strengths and weaknesses as a director. The greatest strength of the film is the visual impression created through the cinematography - images that are full of .."
  2. ^ Story of Pao
  3. ^ Vietnam attends Francophone film festival in France 2012 " “The Story of Pao” depicts the life of an H’Mong beautiful girl named Pao in the northwestern mountainous area. It won a Golden Kite award in 2005 and was presented at the Cannes films festival in 2007. "

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