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This article details the storylines that took place on the New Zealand Soap Opera Shortland Street in the year 1996.


Kirsty Knight (Angela Dotchin) eventually realised that Greg Feeney (Tim Balme) would never change and returned to her husband Lionel Skeggins (John Leigh), Lionel had by this time fallen in love with Dr. Grace Kwan (Lynette Forday) and he and Kirsty eventually separated. Grace refused to acknowledge her feelings for Lionel and instead continued her relationship with Ryan Birch (Robert Harte), who had returned with his daughter Minnie Crozier (Katrina Devine).

Minnie grew close to Nurse Harry Martin (Dean O'Gorman) after discovering that she had been a product of rape. By this time Minnie's mother, Nurse Ellen Crozier (Robyn Malcolm) had forgiven Ryan and encouraged Minnie to forgive him too. Minnie and Ryan eventually reconciled.

Bernie Leach eventually realised his wife was Carla was unstable, but soon showed his true colours when he began beating her. During an earthquake, Carla realised this was her chance and killed Bernie by smashing him over the head with a candlestick. Tiffany realised something was amiss when she realised the candlestick was missing, and Carla, realising her game was up, tried to kill herself. Minnie was devastated to find her Aunt with slashed wrists in the bathtub. Carla went into a coma for a brief period, and on awakening was horrified to learn she was still alive. When Ellen had her admitted to a psychiatric ward, Carla screamed at Ellen and blamed Ellen for the hardships she faced in the ward. Ellen, feeling she had done all she could left her sister in the care of the people at the asylum. Later, Carla would be released into their mothers' care, being mentioned only sporadically until Ellen left the show. Also during the earthquake, Minnie slipped down a cliff, from which Harry was able to rescue her, bringing them closer together.

Ramona Derby (Ashleigh Seagar) and Dr. Johnny Marinovich (Stelios Yiakmis) continued their relationship and Johnny finally filed for divorce from Ellen so he could be with Ramona. However Ramona decided that she wasn't ready to commit to Johnny and the two broke up. Ramona left Ferndale with her daughter Lucy, while Johnny ended up in a relationship with Dr. Julia Thornton (Elizabeth Hawthorne). Unfortunately Julia's head was quickly turned by the return of Zac Smith (Mike Edward).

Rachel McKenna and Rangi Heremaia's (Angela Bloomfield and Blair Strang) romance was not smooth sailing. Shortly after the two got together, Rangi was involved in an accident that killed one person. Rangi was cleared of wrongdoing, but shortly thereafter his ex-girlfriend Wai and their son Toka turned up in town. Wai tried to come between Rangi and Rachel, but failed. Rangi and Rachel's stormy relationship continued.

Rebecca Frost's (Luisa Burgess) religious beliefs did not stop her from becoming involved in questionable relationships with a married man, and the sexually confused Kane, who was simultaneously involved with Rachel's brother Jonathan McKenna (Kieren Hutchison). One night Rangi and Rebecca argued while renovating Kennedy's, which had just been bought for Rachel by her mother as a 21st birthday present. The two ended up sleeping together, and Rangi decided that he wanted to be with Rebecca. However, Rangi couldn't bring himself to break up with Rachel, and eventually Rebecca grew frustrated and called off the relationship.

Rachel had in fact decided to dump Rangi herself, but was prevented from doing so when Rangi was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. Rangi was left as a paraplegic and Rachel felt obligated to care for him. The stress began to take its toll on Rachel, and she began to drink heavily. Eventually, Rangi and Rachel broke up. After an argument at Christmas, a drunken Rachel stormed off to the garage to drive off and Rangi followed her to stop her from drink driving. Rachel passed out in her car while Rangi was pinned in his wheelchair between the car and the wall as exhaust fumes filled the air.

Ellen began a relationship with the newly arrived Dr David Kearney who had been Jenny's oncologist during her breast cancer ordeal. Meanwhile, streetkid Fergus first arrived on the scene as one of the street kids that Guy Warner was helping, and returned several months later at a party where he took the virginity of Ellen Crozier's daughter Minnie. Minnie later tried to sneak Fergus into her room, but was caught out by David and Ellen. It was at this point that it was revealed that Fergus was David's son and that he had run away from home several years earlier. David's sister Liz Stokes felt sorry for the boy and decided to take him in, but he burned down her home. Fergus was arrested and sent to a juvenile detention facility.

If Fergus wasn't enough to deal with, David and Ellen also had to contend with Johnny, who tried several times to break up David and Ellen, and even befriended Fergus, but Ellen had fallen deeply in love with David. However, David's ex-wife Isobel turned up when Fergus had gotten into trouble and Ellen misinterpreted their relationship. Ellen flew to Fiji and spent several weeks there. David found out where Ellen was and flew to Fiji, where he and Ellen had a tender reunion. Ellen would then break the news to David that she was pregnant with his child.

Marjorie Brasch (Elizabeth McRae) is elected as a member of parliament and meets Helen Clark and Jenny Shipley when she visits the Beehive.

Dr Ian Seymour arrived in town, and after a brief flirtation with Caroline, began dating Jenny, who was still recovering from her breast cancer. Nick initially suspected Ian of being involved in shady business dealings. This led to a tense situation for Nick and Caroline at Christmas.

Kirsty and Lionel realised that they still had feelings for one another and shared a kiss at Christmas time.

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