Stosch Island

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Stosch Island is located in Chile
Stosch Island
Coordinates 49°08′S 75°25′W / 49.133°S 75.417°W / -49.133; -75.417Coordinates: 49°08′S 75°25′W / 49.133°S 75.417°W / -49.133; -75.417
Adjacent bodies of water Pacific ocean
Area 357.3 km2 (138.0 sq mi)
Coastline 219.1 km (136.14 mi)
Region Magallanes
Province Última Esperanza
Commune Puerto Natales
Additional information
NGA UFI=-902045

Stosch Island (Spanish: Isla Stosch) is an island located between the Angamos Island (east) and the Covadonga (northwest) and Carlos Islands (west). The Ladrillero Channel runs at the East side. The Golfo Ladrillero is at the South shore of Stosch Island. At the West shore is the Pacific ocean.

The island is named after German Admiral Albrecht von Stosch.

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